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Last updated: August 15, 2018

Clients With Alopecia Or Thinning Hair? Here’s What You Can Do To Help

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This was Lena's client before and after using NIOXIN for 6 weeks.

Clients With Alopecia Or Thinning Hair? Here’s What You Can Do To Help

Clients who suffer from alopecia or thinning hair are usually uncomfortable with discussing their options, so your goal is to make them look and feel better about their hair once they leave your chair. To do that, BTC Team Member Lena Piccininni (@lena_piccininni) says it’s all about the consultation, the haircut and the at-home care, so she’s sharing her best tips for each stage of the appointment so you can better help clients dealing with hair loss. Watch the quick video below to see how Lena handles the appointment, then keep scrolling for her tips!


Products Used


The Consultation

  • Let clients know that you’ll cut their hair in a specific way so certain areas look and feel thicker. “Some clients don’t care to hide it and some want to try and hide it as much as possible with the cut,” says Lena.


  • Stay away from words like “bald,” “balding” and “really thin” because it can make clients feel insecure. Instead, say something like, “This area is finer than the others.”


  • Ask clients about the products they’re currently using and suggest ones that are designed for finer hair. Lena usually recommends NIOXIN to her clients, and she’ll use the NIOXIN 3-Part Systems during the appointment so they can see how it works. 


The Haircut: Making Fine Hair Look Thicker

  • A lot of clients are insecure about their thinning hair or alopecia, so try to find the good qualities about their hair, head shape or facial features and complement those to make clients feel more confident about their haircut.


  • For fine hair, Lena recommends a blunt cut to keep as much thickness as possible. 


  • If the client wants more movement, depending on the length, you can angle the cut.


  • Does your client insist on layers? Give them disconnected layers at the crown, leaving out about an inch or 2 of thickness from the neckline so it’s layered but still full toward the bottom. 


The Haircut: Working With Alopecia

  • The cut depends on the client and their specific case of alopecia.


  • For men with a lower alopecia (from the temple to the occipital), Lena recommends a bald fade. For clients who have spots on top, leave the hair a little longer to hide them.


  • It’s trickier for women because most won’t be down for a bald fade. So Lena’s goal is to make them as comfortable as possible. “I really take my time to give them an amazing consultation to understand them as a person, their style, the type of hair they have and the type of looks they’re willing to try,” she shares.


  • Before you style, make sure to protect strands by prepping with a thermal protectant. Lena recommends NIOXIN Therm Activ Protector to promote shine and health. 



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