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Last updated: July 02, 2018

4 Platinum Scalp Soothing Tips From @Platinum_Perfection

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The Platinum King Shares How He Keeps Clients’ Scalps Cool

Your platinum clients have the HOTTEST hair, but they don’t want their scalps to burn! Here are three tips from platinum master and BTC Team Member Zach Mesquit, aka @platinum_perfection, on keeping clients comfortable when doing platinum blonde touch-up applications.


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1. Tell platinum clients to never come in with clean hair. “They should wash their hair 2 to 3 days before their salon visit,” Zach says.


2. “I like to use NIOXIN Scalp Protectant Serum before I apply my lightener to give the scalp some extra love,” Zach shares. It remains on the scalp like a glove that protects the hand because its pH value is similar to the skin on the scalp. It comes in single-dose tubes which makes applying it super easy!


Watch the video below to see the Scalp Protectant Serum in action!


3. Use NIOXIN System 5 Scalp Therapy Conditioner at the bowl post-processing for a nice cool-down. “It’s technically made to stimulate hair growth, but what I really love about it is that it has peppermint oil,” Zach says. “When you apply it to the scalp after shampooing out the bleach, the cooling sensation instantly soothes any itchiness!” The conditioner comes in six different systems that you can select depending on your client’s hairtype–System 5 is for chemically-treated clients with light thinning.


4. See if REALLY sensitive clients will take a Benadryl before the process (if their doctor says it’s OK!).



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