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Last updated: December 06, 2023

3 On-The-Scalp Bleach Tips Every Pro Needs

How To Safely & Evenly Lift On-The-Scalp Platinums

Love them or hate them—you’ll likely always have a global bleach out client on your roster. Whether it’s to create a canvas for fashion colors or because your client wants to be blonder than blonde, the technique will always be a staple. That’s why Schwarzkopf Professional Digital Ambassador Kat Summers (@katkolors) shared the on-the-scalp lightening tips you need to perfect your platinums.


4 Tips For Protecting The Delicate Hairline:

All stylists know the hairline can make or break a look, and since the hair framing the face can be delicate—protecting the integrity of it is key. Kat offers the below tips to avoid face-framing breakage.


  1. Use a low and slow lightening technique for the inch of hair off the hairline.
  2.  Apply the lightener in a way that works with the hairline—not against it. Painting and forcing the hair in an unnatural direction can ultimately damage it.
  3. At the front hairline, section and clip off the finer hairs and paint them last. This will eliminate damage since these hairs are likely to develop faster.
  4. Finally, use cotton pieces to separate sections to protect against over-saturating and over-developing.



4 Sectioning Hacks For An Even Lift

During a platinum root touch-up, timing and placement is key to protect the integrity of the hair. The below four hacks guarantee a clean, even lift.


  1. Work in quadrants and apply lightener in the back sections first. That way it’s easier to rinse them while the front sections are still developing.
  2. For the bulk of the hair, use a slightly higher developer, but still go low and slow.
    • According to Kat, a slower lift = a more natural-looking blonde. 
    • Kat uses BLONDME Precision Lightener + Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME  7-Volume Developer
  3. Be precise when applying lightener to avoid overlapping and over-processing the lightener on the line of demarcation!
    • Pro tip: Opt for an anti-swell lightener like BLONDME Precision so it won’t expand or move down the hair as it develops.
  4. Alternate the quadrant you start with at every appointment. This guarantees all sections experience equal processing times and exposure to lightener.


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3 Things Your Platinum Clients Should Know Before Their Appointment:

Keeping your blonde clients informed and educated plays a major role in ensuring a healthy blonde. Before your client walks through the door, make sure they know the below for best results.


  1. Avoid exfoliating the scalp the day before the appointment. Why? Exfoliating or scrubbing too hard can make the scalp more sensitive or irritated by the lightener/chemicals.
  2. For that same reason, clients should avoid washing their hair the day of their appointment.
  3. Keep clients on a consistent schedule. Allowing too much regrowth can lead to banding or a brassy lift.


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