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Last updated: April 28, 2022

Clients Complain They Can’t See Their Blonde? Try This!

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Custom Hairline Foiling Techniques To Make Your Blondes Bright

Ever foil an entire head just to hear your client say they don’t think it’s “blonde enough”? Let’s give them what they want! Read through these three hairline foiling hacks that will amp up your lightening technique and send your clients home happy (and blonde af). 


1. Section For Brightness On Any Headshape 

Everyone’s head is shaped differently—and so is their hairline! Color Space™ educator Angela Besana explains how important it is to not use one standard technique on all of your clients. Doing so will not only create varied results but almost always miss the most important sections and cut off client’s features.


Try this diagonal sectioning technique:

Take a small diagonal section right where the ear connects to the head. THIS section (no matter the hairline shape) is where clients see their blonde. If you section any farther back you will lose the front-most bright pieces when you weave out your foil. 



Looking to brighten things up…everywhere? It may be time to switch up your color line!


2. Decide Which Section Of The Weave To Lighten 

After weaving out hair for your foil (using the sectioning technique from above) choose which piece of the weave to lighten based on how bright your client wants their color around the face. 


If your client wants a softer hairline with a natural-looking grow-out, lighten the back-most section.

This will result in:

  • Slightly more dimension 
  • Less visible roots
  • Sunkissed blonde look


If your client wants a heavy coverage blonde that is super light, lighten the front-most section. 

This will result in:

  • Super blonde hairline
  • Slightly more upkeep (roots will be more visible)
  • Overall lighter and brighter color


Pro Tip: When sectioning out your weave, place the tip of your comb on the scalp instead of holding it horizontally. Weaving out your sections in a zig-zag on the scalp will help grab the superfine pieces along the hairline. 


Front VS. back sections:


3. Curve Foils In The Middle Section For Custom Look

The middle section of the hairline is undoubtedly the most visible section of the hair. Slightly adjusting your foils to the shape of your client’s head can help to create a custom look that will make their hair pop from every angle. 


Try this:

On the two front-most foils at the hairline, gently curve the corners of the foil inward to match the shape of the client’s hairline. This will create a really symmetrical base to paint lightener on and leave your clients with noticeable brightness where they’ll see it most. 


Lightener formula: Color Space™ Lift Silver Powder Lightener + 20-volume Activate Creme Developer


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