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Last updated: June 17, 2019

How-To: Minimum Foils For Maximum Impact

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When a client comes in requesting a full head of foils, we know what you’re thinking: tons of foils and tons of time. Not so fast! We caught up with @cassandraplatinum at International Salon & Spa Expo 2018 and she broke down her unique foiling technique that gives clients maximum brightness with minimum foils. Watch her explain it below!


When foiling for maximum impact, know this:

  • The front hairline is most important. Cassandra uses a headband of babylights and goes in super tight to the scalp to create maximum brightness.
  • On the sides, Cassandra works in a bricklay pattern. Start on a diagonal, then apply each foil slightly overlapping from the previous one.
  • In the back, continue the bricklay pattern.
  • On the top, work in a crisscross pattern toward the front of the head. Use a little bit of overdirection and shift the foils back and forth to get the most impact per foil.
  • Total number of foils used: Four on each side, four in the back, four on top and as many as necessary by the front hairline—this creates tons of brightness around the face and add ribbons of dimension throughout.



To add some ash to the end result, try this: 

  • Apply equal parts Redken Shades EQ 6N + 6T + Processing Solution at the roots and blend down toward the mids.
  • Then, apply 9V + 9P + Processing Solution at the mids and to the ends to eliminate the existing warmth. 


Watch Cassandra explain her technique in the video below.




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