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September 25, 2018

3 Key Tips For @larisadoll’s Diamond Balayage Technique

Joico Larisa Love Video How-To Diamond Balayage Technique Foils

3 Sun-Kissed Balayage Tips From @larisadoll
It doesn’t matter what color their hair is, your low-maintenance clients—who are known for keeping things natural and lived-in—are loving the look of a money piece. And Larisa Love (@larisadoll) has a simple technique that makes achieving that bright, sun-kissed dimension around the face frame even easier. Keep reading for three key tips to know when following her diamond balayage technique!


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1. How To Section

The key to this technique is the sectioning. Begin with a center profile parting, then create a large diamond section on the crown of the head extending toward the apex and meeting at the parietal ridge on either side of the head down to the occipital bone. Check out the diagram below!


Joico Larisa Love Video How-To Diamond Balayage Technique Section Diagram


2. Paint Babylights Along The Hairline

For clients who want a subtle, sun-kissed finish around their hairline, Larisa likes to paint babylights on a diagonal back micro-weave in order to achieve that lived-in dimension. It’s an ideal technique for clients who don’t get their hair done very often because the grow out is super soft. It’s also great for clients who tend to wear their hair up because it still brings a lot of brightness to this area despite being softer.


3. Don’t Forget The Second Section

Here’s what Larisa does when she reaches the second section along the hairline: Take another diagonal back subsection about ½ an inch deep and tease at the root. Then, apply the lightener from the midlengths to the ends and place in between foil to process.


Check out the finished look below—and click the beaker for the formula!

Formula A

Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20-volume developer


Now Peep The 360 Of This Finished Look

Joico Larisa Love Video How-To Diamond Balayage Technique



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