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Last updated: December 02, 2022

6 Consultation Questions to Ask Your Color Clients

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Blonding Appointments? Ask These 6 Consultation Questions 

Picture this: You just finish a full blonding service, you spin your client around to face the mirror and you see it. The look of a client that hates their hair. Where did it all go wrong? It could be in the consultation. 


Don’t stress! We tapped four blonding experts to help you navigate tricky consultations and the six questions they ALWAYS ask before grabbing the lightener. Keep scrolling to get tips on how to navigate a tricky hair history and how your consultation helps determine placement. 


Question #1: What is your hair history? 

Undoubtedly the most important question you can ask your clients before any color service. Hair history is imperative to proper lift, anticipating damage and if the final result will be achievable. 


How far back should their hair history go? For Joico Global Education Expert Ricardo Santiago (@stylistricardosantiago) it depends on length. “Don’t just think about their last color appointment, especially if they have long hair. The longer the hair—they should think years back regarding their hair history,” he explains. 



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Question #2: Do you have the time and the money?

It could take a few blonding sessions to achieve the blonde clients are requesting. Joico Brand Ambassador Larisa Love (@larisadoll) explains why. “Depending on their starting canvas, they will most likely need to be lifted through multiple tones including red, orange and yellow,” she explains. 


So making sure they have the time and money for multiple appointments ensures your client leaves happy (and with healthy hair!) after every appointment. 


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Question #3: How often can you come in for retouch appointments?

Blondes have more fun—and more retouch appointments! Celebrity colorist Jill Buck (@jill901) explains why asking about retouch appointments is so important. Being blonde is a lifestyle, and chatting with your client about their lifestyle and budget before applying any product will save you time and the client money. Here’s a cheat sheet:


  • Blondes with lightener directly up to the root. Plan on retouch appointments every six to eight weeks. 
  • Lived-in blondes. These clients prefer to extend time between appointments, creating more opportunity for at-home maintenance including masks and color depositing conditioners to keep tones vibrant. 


Photo Credit: @stylistricardosantiago via Instagram


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Question #4: Do you like to wear your hair back?

Why is this question important? For Laura Gibson (@lgibsoncolorist) it helps determine her placement when painting. “Blondes love to see brightness around their face,” she explains. “To avoid any dark areas around the hairline, I love to ask if their go-to style is a ponytail or bun.” 


Photo Credit: @lgibsoncolorist via Instagram


Question #5: Do you have an inspo picture?

Always, always ask the client if they have an inspiration photo, Larisa explains why. “Artists are creative and my beige might not be the same tone of beige they have in mind, so photos really help avoid confusion and disappointment.” 


Question #6: What is your styling routine

Creating a color that makes your client feel beautiful and comfortable is always the goal. That’s why Joico Brand Storyteller Olivia Thompson (@omgartistry) has THREE go-to questions to ask clients about their at-home styling routine:


  • What products are you using at home on your hair?
  • What tools and styling regime do you use on your hair daily?
  • Can you keep up with the maintenance?


Photo Credit: @larisadoll via Instagram


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