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Last updated: April 29, 2022

10 Productive Ways To Spend Your Time In Quarantine

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What To Do With Yourself While In Quarantine

Starting to go stir crazy in quarantine? Since we’re going to be home for a while, we’re sharing 10 ideas that can help you stay sane through stay-home AND help your business post-social distancing!


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1. Keep Creating & Keep Educating On Instagram

Even though you can’t work on clients in the salon, that doesn’t mean your Instagram has to take a hiatus, too. Grab a mannequin (if you have one) or someone you’re in quarantine with and continue making content to post to your IG feed, just like Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles) and so many other artists have been doing!


Tap the arrow on the below post to watch Carly’s root melting and glossing technique at home on a mannequin! 

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2. Work On Your Website

Have you always talked about wanting to set up a website for yourself? Or maybe you have one but it’s been a minute since you’ve last revamped it. With so many template-building sites out there (even some free ones!), put that project at the top of your to-do list.


3. Binge Education On BTC University

Do you wish you were better at foilayage? Or maybe haircolor is your bread and butter but you want to work on your cutting skills. No matter the reason, now is the time to learn that technique you’ve always wanted to master with BTC University! Sign up today to gain unlimited access to 100+ hours of online hair education for just $1/day. Click here to sign up TODAY!




4. Get Active With A Workout Challenge

Anyone else eating their quarantine snacks in like, two days? Last month Ryan Weeden (@ryan.weeden) participated in a #HEROChallenge on IG where he did a workout every day for a week. Get active and share on your social—your clients love to see your fitness routine!


5. Change Up Your Look

What’s stopping you from changing up your look? It’s another way to show clients that you’re still being creative, so pull a Larisa Love (@larisadoll) and give your hair a refresh! Just remember to tell clients: Don’t try this at home!

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6. Create A Highlight Of Your New Quarantine Haircare Routine

What better time to teach your clients how to care for their hair at home than when you are all actually AT HOME? We love how Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage) shared her hair routine on her IG Stories, then saved them as a highlight for her clients to access anytime. You can make a highlight for a variety of routines or hair types!


7. Set Up Virtual Gift Cards

You may not be able to start prebooking just yet but you can ensure clients come back after this pandemic is over with virtual gift cards! Share a template to your Instagram, then let clients know how they work and how they can pay you. Have no idea where to start? Here’s what Jamie Park (@hairbyjpark) recently shared to her IG Stories:



And then in the following story she wrote, “Here is how these work! If you would like to purchase a gift card, you will need to be a Venmo user. If you do not use it, I can walk you through setting it up! It’s super easy and user-friendly! VENMO: @hairbyjpark (search for me). If you plan to buy a gift card, just shoot me a message and as soon as I see your purchase on Venmo I’ll send you a virtual gift card via text/email and you can screenshot it and bring it to your next appointment!”


8. Create Hair Plans For Your Clients

In addition to setting up virtual gift cards, the next best thing you can do in lieu of prebooking clients is creating hair plans for them. “I am going to create hair plans for all of my guests who will now need to push appointments out further,” shared Kristen Lumiere (@kristen.lumiere) in an IG caption. “This will basically be a timeline for hair appointments that will be tailored to each individual person.”



9. Find Other Ways To Express Your Creativity 

You’re an artist at heart so you may feel at a loss without the ability to do hair on the reg, so use this time to express your creativity in other ways. Create some wall art, give watercolor painting a try, make your own charcuterie board or build your own furniture!


Check out the bar @matt.swinney created while in quarantine!


10. Share Client-Focused Content

Your clients trust your recommendations, so try rounding up a few products that they would love to use in quarantine like your fave root touch-up sprays. Better yet, share a post detailing your client dos and don’ts. In a recent post of hers, Josie Vilayvanh (@josievilay) shared these with clients:



  • Continue to have a good hair regimen.
  • Try washing your hair once a week or go three to four days if you can.
  • Hair treatments once every two weeks or once a month, depending on how dry your hair is.
  • Try braiding your hair before bed.
  • Let your roots grow.



  • Box dye your hair.
  • Cut your own layers or bangs.
  • Use drugstore shampoo.
  • Pick at your split ends.
  • Sleep with your hair wet or in a tight pony.


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