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Last updated: April 01, 2024

7 Ways To Make Money & Stay Busy During The Coronavirus

How Can Hairdressers Make Money Generate Income Stay Busy During Coronavirus And Quarantine
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How To Keep Generating Income & Stay Busy During Coronavirus

Let’s get real. Hairdressers have always been hustling—not only do we work long hours behind the chair, but most of our community runs their own businesses, manages their own social media pages, takes freelance gigs, educates…the list goes on! With the coronavirus quickly impacting both our businesses and finances, it’s time to find creative ways to keep ourselves busy and profitable during tough times. 


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Here are some innovative ways you can start making money ASAP:



1. What Can You Start Selling Right Now?

  • Digital gift cards.
  • Prepaid services.
  • Offer special deals for clients who pre-book:
    • Buy a gift card, receive retail cash.
    • Discount 15% off gift card purchases.


2. Does Your Salon Sell Retail? Here Are Some Ideas.

  • This is a good time to start selling retail online.
  • Offer flash retail sales.
  • Free shipping on all orders for local clients.
  • Don’t sell online? Offer curbside retail sales.
    • Call ahead. Employees will bring products out, wipe them down and leave them next to your car.



3. Are You A Freelance Stylist? Be Proactive. 

Freelancers, think about ways you can creatively make money and continue to work with your clientele—booking services in advance, doing online consultations, etc. We loved this post by New York-based stylist @thatgirlthatdidyourhair:


Coronavirus Freelance Temporary Closure How To Make Money
Instagram via @thatgirlthatdidyourhair


4. Be Productive. What Can You Accomplish At Home?

What are some things you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have the time? The universe is now giving you the time to sit down, get to work and put time into some tasks that will better your business in the future. Here’s what @andrewdoeshair shared with his Instagram followers:


Go through your book and create a spreadsheet that breaks down where your time is spent. Once you know the numbers, you can rethink strategies that will benefit your income. Ask yourself:

    • Evaluate how much time during your typical week is spent doing clean-ups for a lower cost than a full-priced haircut.
    • How much time and money is wasted on no-shows? Consider changing your policy.
    • Do you have different rates for short and long hair? How is this impacting business?
    • How long is your lunch break? Is it worth it to take a shorter one?


5. Now Is The Time To Start That Side Hustle!

The limit does not exist:


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6. Show Clients How They Can Support You During This Time.

Your loyal clientele wants to support you. Let them know how they can with these client-friendly suggestions from @jessdeehair:


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7. Don’t Stop Creating—Client Look Books, Relationships, New Goals!

Your creativity goes beyond the salon setting. How can you connect with your clients and other stylists during this time? Whether it’s creating a look book for clients to plan their next appointments or building relationships with artists you want to collaborate, watch this IGTV from @brianacisneros to be inspired.


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To sum up the video briefly, I’m hopeful when it comes to re- thinking our thought process and getting proactive with our business. I know there are many things we are very worried about. Let’s work together to help build and reinvent the future of our industry together. If this is difficult to think about right now I understand and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I. The mean time here are a few things I came up with to help us brainstorm about and hopefully give some new ideas. Here’s a list below if you can’t watch the whole video. I love you, very much. -contact clients reach out to them for fun selfies. -reach out to clients for testimonials -work on a doll heads and come up with something creative! -let’s all get together and share our doll head creations! -create a lookbook for your clients for in the salon based off of styles you live doing. -do some work on the back end of your business. -make some videos on how your clients can style their own hair at home, answer some of their most asked questions and put in on loop at your station when you get back. -set new goals -reach out to people you want to collaborate with on Instagram, like photographers and models and build genuine relationships with them. -connect with relatives and loved ones, be intentional about the conversations. ❤️❤️❤️

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