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Last updated: May 06, 2020

Coronavirus: How Salons & Hairdressers Should Communicate With Clients

How Salon Owners and Hairdressers Should Talk To Clients About The Coronavirus
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What To Include In Your Salon’s Coronavirus Update

Okay, BTC Fam, let’s talk about coronavirus. Yes, we were hoping that COVID-19 would just go away—but that’s not the case, so now it’s time to equip our salon’s (and ourselves!) with what’s needed to prepare our team and our clients. So here goes. You’re going to need: 


  1. An immediate action plan!
  2. Short and long-term business strategies!
  3. How to clearly communicate these updates with your clientele!


We’re working quickly to get you the information and advice you need to stay healthy and profitable as we experience this pandemic together, but first we need to know more about you and your salon. Please fill out the survey HERE so we can get you the help you need. 


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Let’s start here—how can you tell clients you are working hard to create a safe environment for them? Once you’ve outlined your salon’s plans and policies, it’s super important to effectively communicate directly with them via social media, text, email or in person.


Here’s what you should include:


1. Use clear, client-friendly language that reassures guests that your salon acknowledges the severity of COVID-19 and specifically outlines how you are working to create a safe environment with new policy sanitation changes. Remind clients that their health is your top priority.


2. Explain how you have increased sanitization standards. Be specific.

  • Your salon is well-stocked with disinfectants, sanitizers and cleaning supplies.
  • There is a rigorous cleaning schedule in place—wiping down stations and sinks regularly, using BARBICIDE® (effective against coronavirus) to clean materials, cleaning towels and capes, frequently cleaning high-touch surfaces.
  • How staff members have been prepped to take precautions.


BTC recommends: Before every appointment, have both clients and hairdressers wash their hands in front of each other.



3. Policy changes or suspensions that show increased efforts:

  • Salon Team Sick Policy: Team members who are sick with a fever are required to stay home and seek medical attention before returning to the salon.
  • Sick Client Policy: If a client or someone they are in close contact with are sick within 24 hours of their appointment, they should cancel immediately. Your staff will help them reschedule their appointments at a later date. 
  • Cancellation Policy: Temporarily suspend cancellation fees for sick clients and create more flexible rescheduling options when they book.
  • New Appointments: Whether or not you will be accepting new clients during this time. 
  • Friendly client reminders of personal hygiene standards in the salon: hand washing, sanitizer, hands-off, covering coughs and sneezes.


Here is a sample post—feel free to use on your social media! 


To download this post, printable PDFs for the salon and other free resources, join the BTC forum! Click here. 




Here’s what @rochellegoldenhairstylist’s salon shared with clients:  

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Guests, please know that above all – the health and safety of our team, our families – children, and our guests is the ONLY priority right now. Hair can wait, health can not. . . We ask that if you are experiencing ANY flu like symptoms within 48 hours of your upcoming appointment – you promptly reschedule your appointment. If you have been in contact with anyone that has begun experiencing flu like symptoms – please promptly reschedule your appointment. All cancellation fees due to illness will be waived. . . It is crucial for us to be able to keep a sterile work place for our team and guests. Between every single guest we will be disinfecting our stations and rooms (please give us a few extra minutes to do so) + are regularly disinfecting all surfaces within the salon. We ask that you regularly wash your hands while visiting us as well. . . We thank you so much for your participation in ensuring all of our health is front and center during this chaotic time. Xo, Rochelle – Owner of @houseofgoldsalon

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Here’s how @baidoeshair is updating clients with policy updates: 

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4. Keep your clients in the know. Give them updates in real time and provide contact information to answer any of their questions or concerns.


5. Make sure this information reaches your clients—whether it’s in person, via text and email, or on your salon and stylists’ social media.



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