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Last updated: October 23, 2020

Watch: Adding Depth To Level 9/10 Blondes

Here’s How To Transition Summer Blondes To Neutral Fall Blends

Not all of your clients want to keep their blonde hair summer-ready all year round. So we had Nine Zero One Salon’s Jill Buck (@jill901) go live with Joico to demonstrate how she tones down Level 9 to 10 blondes for fall. Jill breaks down why she fills the hair when going darker, why she uses the old highlights to save time and what to do if the growout is too dark. 


Watch the video above for the full tutorial and check out the finished look below. Plus, don’t forget to tap the beaker to grab the formulas! 


Check Out The Finished Look!

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Fill The Hair Before Applying Lowlights

Before getting started, Jill recommends filling the hair in a few places where the lowlights will go. This helps eliminate some of original brightness, and keeps the hair from looking too muddy and dark after the toner is applied. Make sure the hair is only filled when taking the blonde down two levels, otherwise the end result can turn out too warm.


Pro Tip: When applying a fill color, never walk away from the client. Some clients need 10 minutes to process, while others with more porous hair might only need three minutes. 


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Apply Lowlights Only

When a bright blonde client wants to go deeper and darker, Jill will only apply lowlights to the hair. She recommends you keep the original blonde hue as a highlight, which will save you time during the application.


Pro Tip: Saturate the ends of the hair with Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 2 before you begin applying color. This will keep the ends of the hair from soaking up the demi-permanent color so they stay bright. 


Only Shadow Root If The Growout Is Too Dark

If the client’s growout is very dark, like a Level 4, simply apply a root shadow at the bowl to soften the natural roots so it blends in better with the lowlights.


Click The Beaker For The Formulas!

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  • Prep

    Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 1

  • Formula A (low lights)

    Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid ¾ oz 8NW + ½ oz 9V + 5-volume LumiShine Developer

  • Formula B (toner)

    Equal parts Joico Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toner Sand + Clear + 5-volume LumiShine Developer

  • Post Treatment

    Joico Defy Damage Pro-Series 2


Nine Zero One Salon’s Jill Buck

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