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Last updated: October 24, 2017

WATCH: Marbled Fall Blonde

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  • Formula A

    Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener + 10-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

  • Formula B

    LumiShine Permanent Crème Color XLN + 40-volume LumiShine Crème Developer

Super-light summer blondes are starting to feel the pressure to go darker for autumn…but you know they aren’t interested in a lowlight (it will be too dark for them!). This is a great solution—a way to add marbled dimension to her existing blonde that will help her autumn and winter skintones pop and satisfy her need to be super-blonde through the cooler months. Watch Joico Guest Artist Zoe Carpenter’s techniques in an exclusive Facebook Live with BTC! Then, click the beaker to check out the color formulas!


Products Used


Zoe’s technique adds dimension where the hair hits the body—at the clavicle, at the jawbone and at the brow. Watch the Facebook Live to see Zoe’s full technique, but first, get our must-know tips below.


Foilayage Marbling

Zoe uses balayage application techniques with the Joico’s all-new Artistic Foils (launching early 2018!) to melt together Formulas A and B (lightener and highlift haircolor). Depending on the angle you take to melt these two formulas together and whether you slice or weave determines how bold or dimensional the final result will be.


Create a Veil

Your blondes always want to stay blonde, especially at the root. For the very top layer, Zoe only uses lightener (not the highlift color) to create a veil of über-blonde that still has dimension underneath.


Platinum Blonde Toners

Zoe’s creating a dimensional autumn blonde here, but as a platinum expert, she also shares some of her favorite formulas to tone platinums with Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid. Check them out!


  • 9V + Clear = Khaleesi white platinum
  • 9NV = A safe, neutral platinum that you don’t have to watch closely. “You can leave this for 5 minutes,” Zoe said. “It won’t go violet and it won’t go gray.”
  • 10NG + Clear = Champagne glisten


Watch the entire technique!