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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Joico LumiShine™ Repair+ Permanent Crème and Demi-Permanent Liquid Color


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The future of haircolor just got a whole lot brighter! Get 100 percent replenished and re-strengthened color with twice the shine thanks to Joico’s new LumiShine™ Repair+ Permanent Crème and Demi-Permanent Liquid Color. Whether your client wants a whole new look or simply an update to remove the excess gray, LumiShine™ is the perfect palette to achieve the haircolor she craves no matter the hair type or condition. Joico LumiShine transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology, delivering astonishing shine, color longevity, and overall healthier hair—guaranteed!

A pre-blended permanent crème and demi-permanent liquid system, LumiShine™ gives first-time colorists and busy master colorists alike an easy color solution for every salon service. With an easy to use, 1-to-1 mixing ratio, this line of gentle formulas instantly provides healthy results in a three-step color service. These full-spectrum shades are intermixable and deliver ultimate, long-lasting results. 

Both celebrity colorists Denis de Souza and Johnny Ramirez were sold on LumiShine™ right away and thrilled about its benefits to their clients at their salons. “Joico’s LumiShine™ is luxurious! The client knows when a product is producing superior results and all of my clients whom I use LumiShine™ color on, comment on how their hair feels and looks so much more rich and healthy. The jasmine scent is calming and pleasant, unlike so many other harsh chemical-ridden products, bringing the client’s whole haircoloring experience to the next level,” notes Johnny Ramirez, co-owner of Ramirez | Tran Salon in Beverly Hills.

It’s “gentle-fresh fragrance” technology neutralizes airborne ammonia and replaces it with calming notes of bergamot, iris and sandalwood, while exclusive ArgiPlex Technology repairs hair damage and locks in exceptional color longevity, vibrancy and shine, like none other, providing a HAIRCOLOR FIRST.

LUMISHINE™ REPAIR+ Permanent Crème Color – A gentle, reduced-ammonia color system of 52 shades ranging from Level 1 to high-lift. Guarantees healthy-looking, reliable results when mixed with LumiShine™ Crème Developers (10–40 volume).
• Up to 2X shinier hair*
•  Reduced breakage**
• Delivers exceptional color longevity and vibrancy
• 100% gray coverage
• 100% replenished and re-strengthened hair
•  Nourishes and protects hair, sealing in moisture, softness and shine for up to 30 shampoos
• Leaves hair 2X softer
• Optimal viscosity for drip-free bowl + brush or bottle application

LUMISHINE™ REPAIR+ Demi-Permanent Liquid Color – A gentle, ammonia-free color system of 22 shades formulated for deposit only. Guarantees predictable color results when mixed with LumiShine™ Crème Developer 5-volume.
• Up to 2X shinier hair*
• pH-balanced formula instantly re-strengthens hair 100%
• Ideal viscosity for drip-free bottle application
• Versatile formula—corrects, glazes, glosses, and blends gray

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Joico LumiShine™ Repair+ Permanent Crème and Demi-Permanent Liquid Color

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