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Last updated: April 20, 2023

3 Permanent Color Hacks To Save Time + Make More Money

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Shave Minutes Off Appointment Times With 10-Minute Color


1. Color correct tonal shifts with one application.

Between tricky green hues, banding and color correction, nailing tonal shift requests can be intimidating. John uses Matrix SoColor 10-Minute Pre-Bonded Permanent Haircolor for a quick, single application that takes cool clients warm for intentional tones that align with client’s inspo pics. Talk about formulation made easy!


Keep this in mind: This permanent color is formulated for virgin hair and regrowth touch-ups. The fast-acting formula keeps hair healthy and on-tone, eliminating any processing nightmares.


Pro tip: Skip the metal whisk to mix your formula and if your client’s hair is compromised, opt out of foils, too!


Check out John’s process using Matrix SoColor:

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2. Book more clients with faster processing times.

Think about all of your gray coverage clients. Now, think about how fast your appointment turn-around would be if full-coverage color only took 10 minutes—and protected the hair as it’s processing. SoColor 10-Minute Pre-Bonded Permanent Haircolor contains a pre-bonded formula that protects melanin-lacking strands. Plus, it allows a five-minute buffer window to control over-processing between 10 and 15 minutes.


Think of it this way: The faster, more efficient your appointments are, the more appointments you’ll be able to book. More time = more clients = more revenue for you!


As John always says, “Time is money, honey!” If only all color services were this quick!


SoColor 10-Minute Pre-Bonded Permanent Haircolor is a high kinetic dye, meaning it blends, moves and expands quicker than traditional dyes.

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Gray coverage, root touch-ups, seamless hairline blends—this 10-minute permanent color does it all.


3. Try this for seamless hairline touch-ups.

No client wants to leave with a dark line around their hairline that screams, “I just got my roots touched-up!” Make your clients’ hairline touch-up appointments that much easier with John’s simple application:


  1. Apply color directly to the hairline regrowth—it’s okay if some gets onto the skin. SoColor 10-Minute Pre-Bonded Permanent Haircolor won’t stain the skin, saving stylists precious minutes they would be spending scrubbing away at their client’s hairline with color remover.
  2. With fast-acting color, John recommends watching the touch-up “fade” into the client’s previous color as an indicator for processing time.
  3. Rinse color, shampoo and style.


See John’s application technique:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @johnwgeorge


Plus, there are 10 neutral shades designed to match every client’s base color:


  • Darkest Brown Neutral (503N)
  • Darkest Brown Neutral Ash (503NA)
  • Dark Brown Neutral (507N)
  • Medium Brown Neutral (505N)
  • Medium Brown Neutral Ash (505NA)
  • Light Brown Neutral (506N)
  • Dark Blonde Neutral (507N)
  • Dark Blonde Neutral Ash (507NA)
  • Medium Blonde Neutral (508N)
  • Light Blonde Neutral (509N)


Get full-coverage results in just 10 minutes with this permanent color!


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