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Last updated: June 27, 2023

6 Blonding Techniques To Save Your Client’s Hair

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Take Care Of Your Client’s Summer Blonde: 6 Techniques To Try Now

Take the recovery process out of your blonding services. Instead of loading up add-ons after taking your client blonde, use these pro techniques to create a healthy blonde from the START.


Scroll through our list of must-try blonding techniques for the summer and see which of the pro’s classes you can take for further education through Cosmo Prof’s Iconic Blonde Virtual Event. PS—most classes are eligible to earn CE credits! 


Weaving Methods For Seamless & Low-Damage Blonding

Switch up your everyday foiling technique for something that will benefit and blend your client’s color into a soft, healthy version of their best blonde. 


1. Create a balayage & babylight combo with minimal foils (aka—minimal damage)!

RUSK® Educator Gina Sicard (@iamginabiancashares her custom “W” weaving technique that creates a balayage and babylight effect in one foil. The staggered weaving technique purposely weaves out only two fine sections of hair within a foil to create a bright look without the need for a full slice—resulting in less lightener on your client’s hair!


Check out Gina’s full demo below and learn more at home in her 5 Ways To Foil Class at Cosmo Prof’s Iconic Blonde Virtual Event:



2. Why it’s important to be conscious of the weave pattern you’re creating around your client’s head…

Blonding educator and specialist Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chroniclesreminds us all weaves are not created equal. When foiling around the head you MUST pay attention to the size, shape and direction of the weaves you are creating for the ultimate blended blonde. 


To save your client’s hair, it’s best to adjust your weave sizes according to where on the head the foils are being placed. Here’s a look at Carly’s cheat sheet for a peek into what she’ll be teaching in her BLONDME Blondes Class with Schwarzkopf Professional® at the Iconic Blonde Virtual Event. 


Photo credit: Instagram via @the.blonde.chronicles


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Healthy Blonding Refresh: What To Do & Where To Start

The start of summer brings in a ton of clients looking for an all-over refresh that will last all season. Blonding over previous color and lightener can be challenging, but these step-by-step techniques from Schwarzkopf Professional® Artistic Team Member Brendnetta Ashley (@edgybgirl) and Matrix Artist Dan Csicsai (@dancsicsaihair).


1. Try This 10-20-30 Method:

We all know beginning in the nape with a low-volume developer can buy us processing time—but have you ever strategically placed certain volumes around your client’s entire head?


Instead of jumping from a 10-volume to start and 40-volume to finish for a high lift, Brendnetta shares her 10-20-30 technique to allow for an even Level 6 to 7 lift all over without overprocessing.

  •  Begin at the nape using zig-zag slices through the crown with 10-volume developer.
  • Once at the crown, switch to 20-volume developer. 
  • For the front of the crown through the sides and face-frame, use 30-volume developer.
  • When the entire head has lifted to a Level 6/7, apply Schwarzkopf Professional® GOODBYE ORANGE for a toned, even canvas. 


2. How To Refresh New Growth + Prelightened Ends


Taking a few minutes to evaluate your client’s head before jumping into an everyday blonding process will better create the desired result without damage. For this client with a natural base at the root, a band of demarcation and prelightened ends, Dan decided:

  • Get rid of the base shadow and line of demarcation from the previous grown-out color. 
  • Create an all-over blonde with light dimension, per the client’s request. 
  • Start with baby foils around the head, leaving room in-between foils to avoid a solid all-over color. 
  • Tone and slightly lift the natural base using Matrix ColorSync Sheer Pastel SPV, SPP and Clear
  • Learn MORE blonding tips from Dan during his Blonde Genius Class at the Iconic Blonde Virtual Event on July 17th. 



Check out these transitional blonding classes and more at Cosmo Prof Iconic Blonde Virtual Event:


Here’s a peek at more of Cosmo Prof’s lineup of classes at the Iconic Blonde Virtual Event on July 17th!


Work With Your Client’s Natural Base To Create The “Right Blonde” 

Clients are asking for natural-looking, sunkissed blondes this year—a HUGE change from the high dimension and platinum looks we’re used to creating in recent years. The key to this request is emphasizing what your client already has at their root. 


1. Work with your client’s existing or natural color for a head-turning blonde, here’s how:

Try this formula from color expert Briana Cisneros (@brianacisnerosto achieve a golden, sparkling blonde for a natural-looking blonde perfect for summer.

  • Create mini weaves throughout the hairline for detailed (but soft) brightness using Wella Professionals® Blondor Powder Lightener + 20-volume Blondor Developer.
  • Light root smudge using Wella Professionals® Color Touch 7/1 to make existing blonde pop and blend into the root. 
  • Voila! For more of Briana’s quick transformations, check out her EXTRA Blonde Class on July 17th during the Iconic Blonde Virtual Event. 


Photo credit: Instagram via @brianacisneros


2. Struggle with your face-frame lifting WAY too light? Keep the natural-looking tones and try this:


Industry educator Olivia Thompson (@omgartistryshares her quick hack to delay overprocessing with just a bit of cotton around the hairline. We know cotton is commonly used to sit lightener off of the scalp, but have you ever used it to block the heat from your client’s forehead?


Watch Olivia’s hack to avoid overprocessing her client’s face-framing foils by lifting the root away from their forehead with cotton. For more tips and pro-education from Olivia, tune in to her Flawless Blonde Class at the Iconic Blonde Virtual Event. 



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