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Last updated: April 18, 2023

3 Toning Tips For Every Client’s Best Blonde

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Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews

Practical, Fast Blonde Toning Tips & Formulas To Use Every Day

It’s fun to try new techniques, but fast and efficient blonding is the only option when your books are slammed. Scroll through these techniques, tips and formulas to refresh your go-to quickies to break out of your everyday blonding slump! 


1. Fast Root Tap + Bright Hairline Hack

Keeping blondies feeling blonde means you need a bright face frame and hairline. The problem is we tend to fly through the toning process at the bowl and forget how porous the hairline can be. Raise your hand if you’ve iced out your client’s creamy blonde around their face…


To avoid this, blonding educator Lisa Mathews (@hairbylisamathews) applies her root tap AND toner without touching the hairline. Just tuck the hairline section around the edge of the bowl until the rest of the head is nearly finished processing. 


Pro Tip: We LOVE this simple technique because it avoids putting any clips or stress on delicate wet hair.


Try Lisa’s formula for her gorgeous blonde seen here:

  • Root TapRedken Shades EQ™ Gloss 05N + 06NA + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution 
  • Mids, ends & hairline—Shades EQ™ Gloss 09P + 09V + 09GRO + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution


Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


Did you notice that NEW GRO shade mentioned?! 👀 Check out the Shades EQ™ Gold Rose line here!


2. Add Gold To Avoid Brass For Contrasted Blonde Pops

When clients want to “change it up” with some blonde dimension, it’s important to remember the blonde they want is not typically the blonde they’ll ask for. It’s rare for clients to request a “warm, golden blonde” because they automatically assume golden = orange.


To interpret these requests, BTC Team Member Marissa Mae (@maeipaint) shares her tip for a contrasted blend that is perfectly balanced (with a secret hint of gold.) “Keeping warmth without feeling brassy is super important,” Marissa explains. “The combo of gold and rose creates a really beautiful almost champagne tone.”


Try adding this shade for a golden shine: Shades EQ™ 09GRO


Photo credit: Instagram via @maeipaint


3. Quick Formulas For Any Shade Of Blonde…Pro-approved! 

Sometimes we just need a little color inspo. Try out these easy formulas for any of your blonde clients that are looking for a little extra something


The Perfect Spring Blonde from luxury color specialist Leah Morgan (@hairbyleahmarie_)

  • All-over formulaRedken Shades EQ™ Bonder Inside 10NW + 10GRO + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution (1:1)
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbyleahmarie_


Lived-In Natural Blonde

  • Gloss formula—Shades EQ™ 10GRO + 10G + 10AG + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution
Photo credit: Instagram via @maeipaint


Overall Bright, Healthy-Looking Blonde

  • Root tap—Shades EQ™ 06NA + 07N + Shades EQ Processing Solution
  • Mids to ends—Shades EQ 010P + 010VV + 010GRO + Shades EQ™ Processing Solution
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews

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