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Last updated: March 14, 2018

Shades EQ Processing Solution For Precision Application

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We know you love Redken Shades EQ—it has been the Stylist Choice Award Winner for best gloss/toner more than 10 times, after all! And now, there is a new addition to the Shades EQ family: The Processing Solution for Precision Application. This new thickening processing solution transform any of the liquid Shades EQ Gloss shades into a versatile gel that’s perfect for lowlights, contouring and defining, and with two processing options, colorists will get customized control for every creative vision they have.


When using the new thickening developer with the Shades EQ gloss, colorists can expect:  

  • Amazing shine 
  • Versatility in the application process
  • Perfect consistency to gloss, refresh and tone
  • Greater control for precision applications
  • An expanded palette with more than 60 new gel shades for creative precision techniques (based on the Shades EQ Gloss palette)



Manufacturer: Redken, @redken

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Shades EQ Processing Solution For Precision Application

How To Use

1. Mix Shades EQ Processing Solution for Precision Application in a 1:1 ratio with Shades EQ Gloss using a tint bowl and brush.


2. Process for 20 minutes (up to 40 minutes for gray hair).


*Mixing and processing is the same as traditional Shades EQ Processing Solution.

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