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Last updated: July 11, 2024

3 Techniques For The “Make Me Super Blonde” Client

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Color Correction, Foiling & Retouch Tips For Those Picky Blonde Clients

Highlights alone are never good enough anymore, are they? 🥲 Sometimes even our loyal regulars say they’re not “blonde enough”. So, before that next appointment take a look at the tips below for three fresh recommendations and techniques to amp-up your blonding services. 


Plus, learn about a quick formula for blend insurance and budget-conscious blonding services your clients will love.


#1. The “I want to be BLONDE” client: Appointments for any budget

We’ll call them summer blondes—a regular lived-in balayage client turned “pack in the foils” client when June hits. Now more than before, your clients may have a budget to stick to. 


Blonding is a high expense, however, intentional foiling can be an effective loophole for clients you don’t want to let go of. Color specialist Lisa Mathews (@hairbylisamathews) shares two techniques that will take your blonde clients blonder, budget or not, to generate big income for you this blonding season.


For the blonde without a budget, try this technique:

  • For big impact in one appointment, use fine, diagonal slices through the back of the hair. This will cover the most surface area in a short time. Apply Redken Flash Lift Power 9 with 10-volume developer, working up towards 20-volume in the next step.
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews
  • For a wow-factor hairline, foil baby weaves from the ear to the center part, alternating a thin slice between each weave.
  • Baby weaves are tightly sectioned, not just thinly parted. Place the tail of your comb against the scalp to ensure the tightest weave of zigzags before adding a foil. Click here for Lisa’s demo!
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


For the blonde with a budget, use this foiling hack:

Your skillset is not being discounted. You will be adjusting the amount of foils used, not the quality of them. To do so effectively you’ll want to hit the highly visual points of your client’s head. 

  • With only 18 foils total, you can build a bright blonde halo for your clients.
  • Using Lisa’s three-foil technique, diagonal sections will build three weaves below each ear, above each ear, at the center of the nape and at the center of the hairline.
  • Starting at the back, angle each section from the ear to the nape. Stack three foils, then repeat on the other side of the head.
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews
  • Once a V-shape is created, the nape will need to be connected to the side foils, ensuring a solid blend when the hair is in a ponytail or worn in front of the shoulders.
Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


#2. Blonde root retouch client: High lift without overprocessing

A root retouch does not have to be a unpleasant experience. It also does not have to be a circus act of juggling an assistant, spray bottle, lightener bowl and time.


Color specialist Jasmere Waller (@jasblack) shares a three-process base lift, highlight and toning appointment for a no-fuss dimensional honey blonde. 


Here’s Jas’ blonding process:

  • “I start by lifting her base using a high lift tint. She’s a sandy, natural Level 5 so I’m able to lift her to a dark blonde just using permanent hair color,” she explains.
  • Then, for the bright dimension she applies teasylights using Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside Lightener with 10-volume developer (1:2). 
  • “I focus most of the foils around her face,” Jas adds. 
  • For the base glaze, Jas mixes Redken Shades EQ 7NA + 6P + Clear “This slightly mutes her base.”
  • For the teasylight glaze, apply Shades EQ 9P + 9GI.


Photo credit: Instagram via @jasblack


You’ll need reliable, consistent lightener for reliable, consistent appointments…


#3. Color correction for clients who want to KEEP their blonde

Some color corrections are best executed with dark tones as a fill-in, but the clients who typically need these corrections want to stay blonde. Lived-in color specialist Paula Pedersen (@_hairbypaula) shares her formula for keeping a bright blonde post-color correction. 


Paula’s lived-in blonde color correction formula:

  • Lightener: Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside 
  • Root melt: Shades EQ 6NB + 6GB
Photo credit: Instagram via @_hairbypaula


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