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Last updated: December 22, 2022

3 Quick Color Cheats To Make More Money

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews

3 Fast Tips For Every Color Service 

You know we’re always on the lookout for ways you can speed up your color services without sacrificing results. Who doesn’t want a little extra time to eat their lunch? So when we found these three quick color cheats from BTC Team Members—we had to share! 


Keep scrolling for full foil hacks, express color services and watch how to achieve a balayage and gray coverage service in ONE appointment—srsly. 


Color Cheat #1: Fake a Full Highlight with Just NINE Foils!

Need a quick color service that packs a punch? BTC Team Member Lisa Mathews (@hairbylisamathews) is sharing this GENIUS foil placement for when time-crunched clients are requesting some additional brightness to their existing blonde. 


Here’s her foil placement breakdown:

  • Start with three back-to-back weaves right below the ear. 


Pro Tip: Lisa keeps her tension tight by asking her clients to keep their neck tilted down when foiling the back hairline. Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


Pro Tip: For better saturation, “flip” the foil so that you can use the client’s head as a solid surface to paint on. 


  • Repeat the three-foil placement on the opposite side, keeping the hair in between each foil untouched. 


Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


  • Connect the two side sections with three back-to-back weaves at the nape, making sure to leave out any baby hairs for natural dimension. 


Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


Color Cheat #2: Add Express Retouch Services with THIS Product

Your gray retouch clients are the consistent appointments that keep your books (and pockets) full. But that doesn’t mean they should take all day. Remember, time is money! That’s why Lisa grabs the RUSKin10 10-Minute Permanent Color from RUSK


“Not only does it achieve 100 percent gray coverage in just 10 minutes, but it is a non progressive color. Meaning, the color won’t process darker if it stays on the hair longer than 10 minutes,” she explains. Now that you’ve got a quick formula, Lisa shared some application tips for a fast and seamless retouch appointment:


  • Take thin sections and hold the hair down with tight tension for even coverage.
  • Always begin the application in the front where gray can be more resistant. 
  • Take horizontal sections when working at the crown to stay organized. 


Photo Caption: Instagram via @hairbylisamathews


Scroll-stopping formula alert:

RUSK Ruskin10 Permanent Color 1/2 oz. 7N + 1/2 oz. 6CG + 2 oz. 20-volume Ruskin10 Processing Solution

Processing Time: 10 minutes


Access on-demand education, exclusive pro pricing and tools to build your business in the RUSK Backroom: Click here to enter!


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Color Cheat #3: Retouch Roots & Balayage in ONE Service

We’re going to say it: It IS possible to apply a root retouch and paint on lightener at the same time. Don’t believe us? #ONESHOT Finalist Megan Perez (@hairbymeganperez) shared her reason why. “I find it easier to apply the root color as I work from section to section because it helps keep my sections neater and avoids overlapping,” she explains.


Thinking about trying this express service? Megan shares the ONE key thing to keep in mind: Leave SPACE! Here’s two reasons why:


  • Reason #1: It helps avoid any unwanted warmth. Don’t compromise your lift by overlapping color (especially if you’re retouching with permanent color.)


  • Reason #2: It creates space for blending. Avoid harsh lines of demarcation and give yourself room to blend lightener up, but not into the base color! 


Hit play to check out Megan’s placement strategies for avoiding warmth and bands!

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