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Last updated: May 03, 2023

Lil Nas X’s Natural Met Gala Curls

lil nas x crystal cat hydrated natural curls at the 2023 met gala ball new york theonlycm123 coree moreno
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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Matrix / Getty Images

To elevate his crystal feline ensemble, singer and songwriter Lil Nas X paired his bold red-carpet look with hydrated, natural curls by celebrity stylist Coree Moreno (@theonlycm123) with the help of his assistant Dayja Neshe (@dayjaneshe)


“For this look Lil Nas X went bold with a feline-inspired metallic crystal look from head to toe. With his whole body covered in silver, we needed his hair to shine like the ensemble but remain natural to provide contrast,” said Coree. “We opted for luscious and ultra hydrated curls to frame the headpiece.” Keep reading to learn exactly how he did it!


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Products Used


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To prepare this hydrated look, Coree started by cleansing the hair with Matrix Food For Soft Hydrating Shampoo to provide a clean and nourished base.


Coree wanted Lil Nas X’s hair to look luscious and soft surrounding the statement mask, so he used Matrix Food For Soft Rich Hydrating Treatment Mask for deep condition and repair.


While the hair was damp, Coree sectioned the hair as needed and applied his go-to products: First, Matrix Setter Mousse for the right amount of volume and shine and Matrix Controller Gel to secure the shape into place.

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Next, Coree takes small sections and finger coil curls to set curls.

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When wet styling is finished, Coree sets the hair by diffusing the curls until dry.


“After the hair is completely dry, I went it with a healthy dose of Matrix Food for Soft Multi-Use Hair Oil Serum to make the curls shine and give that yummy hydrated look,” Coree explains.

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To finish, “I added texture and hold with Matrix Builder Wax Spray and he’s red carpet ready!” Coree says. 

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Finished look. Photo Credit: Matrix / Getty Images 

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