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Last updated: October 10, 2023

Bold Color Trends You Need To Know For 2024

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Photo credit: Instagram via @georgeeblancoo

Has Color Blocking Revived Client’s Bold Hair Color Requests For 2024?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen bold color requests take over our books, but clients are ready to leave lived-in looks behind for a bold statement. If you’ve never experimented with vivid, gray or contrasting colors before—you’re in the right spot. Cosmo Prof is getting ahead of this year’s trend forecast with a virtual education event, Color The World


Color The World is bringing artistry, color innovation and the business of color together for all vivid pros and first-timers. It’s important to recognize the connection needed between appointment booking, service offerings and business management in relation to creative color to avoid growing a list of one-time appointments. Make this year the year hair color becomes an all-encompassing service on your menu. Keep scrolling for tips and a look into what Color The World has lined up for this October. 


How To Avoid Toning Before Applying Bold Colors

Stripping it back to the fundamentals, vivid colors will only penetrate the cuticle when applied to a high-lift base. The brightest and most even results will come from a consistent, raw lift without any filler (aka toners). 


If you have to tone a brassy blonde in order to achieve the base needed for a vivid, you’re creating a barrier of pigment that bold colors cannot fight through. If you were to apply a fuchsia shade on top of a pre-toned ash blonde, the fuchsia wouldn’t be able to penetrate through the ash “seal”. To ensure the brightest result, Kat Kolors lifts her clients with Schwarzkopf Professional® BLONDME® Lightener to achieve a clean, raw lift before her vivid process.  


Watch Kat transform a full head of foils into a luxe magenta base:

Instagram via @katkolors


Looking to level up your IG posts? Attend this class for everything you need to know about IG reels:

  • Salon Social Playbook with Joico, learn the three things you need to go viral as a hairstylist


It’s just a couple of clicks; purchase your Color The World ticket here!


How To Determine A Color Blocking Palette For Each Client

With celebrity clients like Lake Bell, Wella Professionals Educator Dean Roybal (@deanroybal) knows a thing or two about trending hair color. Color blocking has been HUGE in 2023 and is expected to keep its revival through ’24. 


Although it looks seemingly simple, color blocking takes more than clean sectioning and aesthetic interpretation. Dean will be sharing his celeb-approved techniques for understanding your client’s complementing colors with combinations of tonal browns, romantic pastels, bright pops and more at Cosmo Prof Color The World Virtual Event.


 “Color blocking as seen in hair, fashion, art, architecture and design,” says Dean—Here’s an insider look at his mood board: 

Instagram via @deanroybal


More Color The World color-blocking classes to join:

  • Own Your Tone with RUSK, learn the secrets behind incorporating violet, blue and silver tones into color-blocking requests. 


Color The World is CE Hour Certified! Clock your hours from home…


Balancing Silver/Gray Hair Without Filler Colors For Natural-Looking Results

A client wanting to transition to all-over gray is a unique opportunity for stylists to hone in on color theory—believe it or not. Unlike most color clients gray clients are constantly growing their “ideal shade”. Instead of touch-ups and maintenance, gray clients’ appointments revolve around enhancing new growth and adjusting the rest of the hair accordingly. 


Matrix Global Bilingual Artistic Director Robert Santana (@rsantana1) will be breaking down the three nonnegotiable steps for gray appointments:

  1. Detailed consultation 
  2. Removal of dyes, artificial products and previous hair color
  3. Creation of dimension, toning services and the difference between all-over gray, silver and slate results


Mark your calendar for October 22nd and secure your spot for Color The World with Cosmo Prof.


Formulating This Year’s Biggest Color Request: Purples

This may seem like a, “no way” initial thought but think about it—what shade do you tone nearly 90 percent of your clients with? Purple hues.


Of all the options on the color wheel, purple is making a comeback and what better pros than PRAVANA artists to showcase the color techniques you’ll need. PRAVANA Global Artistic Mentor George Blanco (@geoorgeeblancoo) is breaking down the secrets behind creating prism looks using PRAVANA VIVIDS for day-to-day appointments behind the chair. 


Bold colors are more than all-over looks, check out George’s purple portfolio:

Photo credits: Instagram via @georgeeblancoo


Another purple-focused class to attend at Color The World:

  • Lavender Dreams and Silver Gleams: The Art of Hair Color Versatility with Kenra Professional


Mark your calendar: October 22, 2023: Cosmo Prof Color The World Virtual Event

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