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Last updated: January 23, 2020

Read This Before Applying That Bold Red Color

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3 Quick Tips To Reference When Applying Red Haircolor

Rich, vibrant fall colors—think melted reds, oranges and yellows—are a top trend this season, but there’s a wrong way and a right way to go red. Here are three things to know before giving clients that powerful, siren-red shade.


Know This: Any client can rock red, but it’s the skin tone that should determine the shade.

Do This: 

  • On warm, peachy/gold skin tones, offer a warm/gingery/tangerine haircolor.
  • On cooler skin tones, offer a cinnamon/mahogany/cherry red haircolor.
  • On ivory/neutral skin tones (on the fair to medium side), offer a warm, golden copper haircolor.
  • On olive skin tones, offer a reddish brown or an auburn haircolor to complement the warmth.



Know This: When lifting extremely dark hair, it will usually end up pulling warmer tones.

Do This:

  • Add different shades of pinks to your formulas to accentuate the warmth.
  • Add different shades of violets to your formulas to neutralize the warmth.


Know This: Reds fade fast!

Do This:

  • Protect your client’s color (and boost retail sales!) by making her a personalized color conditioner. Just add a few drops of direct dye to a sulfate-free conditioner.
  • Encourage her to start using dry shampoo on day one. It’ll keep that red color vibrant, longer.