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Last updated: September 14, 2017

The 20 Coolest Things From CosmoProf North America

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As a hairdresser, your job is to be on top of the newest and hottest trends, but where do these trends come from? Of course some are from your fave celebs…but some of them come straight from the people creating the latest and greatest products out there. At Cosmoprof North America, salon owners and distributors from all over the world got to see what’s coming out and what’s gonna be huge in the salon world for the next year. Of course, BTC was there to capture it all—we can’t resist an excuse to hop on a flight down to Vegas, baby! Here is our roundup of the trendiest, most exciting and innovative new products to hit our industry.


Farouk Esquire


We all know by now, but we’ll say it again—men’s grooming is IN. So when we found out that Farouk Systems is introducing Esquire, a new men’s line, we were all about it! While the new line will allow stylists to create any style their clients are asking for, Farouk is planning to showcase five looks that represent today’s on-trend man…we can’t wait to see the looks!


Essie Gel Couture


For summer it’s all about the nails…which is why we are totally obsessing over the new Gel Couture collection from essie! Their new line features a brand new bottle that makes the application process easier for you and exciting for your client. Plus, it’s created to last for up to 14 days and includes 42 brand new shades!





Of course we love amika’s styling products and tools. But another thing we love? Their packaging! So when amika told us they will be introducing new packaging and new products in 2017 we were all kinds of excited—it’s obviously going to be gorgeous and we cannot wait to see what it looks like!


FHI Heat


We know you’re fans of FHI Heat—the brand won our Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Tool You Can’t Live Without! So we are thrilled to see FHI Heat’s first full liquid line! The super comprehensive Stylus Thermal Styling Care line is a collection of heat-activated products, and the color-coded bottles indicate if it’s used for healing, protecting, prepping, styling and finishing. Also super cool? The products were designed to be cocktailed and layered, so there’s no end to customization.



Jaguar CareCut


Cutting long layers is huge. So when we walked by the Jaguar booth and saw they would be introducing a pair of electrically heated scissors designed to cut long layers in 2017—we. were. in. love. As of now, no other scissor out there is heated and designed to cut your client’s perfectly long, wavy layers—but the CareCut is.


Reuzel Degreasing Regimen


The Reuzel line (from the most badass classic barbers in the world, the Schorem Barbers) has a varied line of the perfect pomades for any look, but what we really love is the three products that make up its Degreasing Regimen. Dudes that use pomade on the reg can start with the Daily Conditioner to emulsify product buildup, then use the Scrub Shampoo to remove all the buildup. Finish with the Daily Shampoo to get squeaky clean, then start all over again with the perfect pomade!



Newsha Rescue System


This is one of those “believe it when you see it” things. Newsha’s two-phase healing system immediately repairs dull and highly damaged hair, with results lasting six to eight shampoos. After washing hair, blow-dry to about 50 percent and apply the Rescue Fluid, combing through. Then blow-dry completely, straighten the hair, redampen it and apply the Rescue Treatment. Process for 15 minutes, rinse, blow-dry and style.


Wahl Finale


Good things come in small packages, right? This little guy, Wahl’s 5-Star Finale, is an amazing finishing tool that’s versatile enough to be used on the face, neck and head. It has more than 90 minutes of run time and comes in Wahl’s new 5-Star design (so it looks super cool, especially that hypoallergenic gold foil), plus it has more than 90 minutes of run-time.


Truss Deluxe Primer


The Truss Deluxe Primer? Word on the Cosmoprof floor is that it’s like magic in a bottle! This hair reconstructor provides nourishment, flexibility, anti-frizz shine and protection to your client’s locks—aka a total win. We can’t wait to try it out!


Clubman Beard and Tattoo Oil


We love a good multi-purpose product! Clubman is a classic barbering line that really brings the old-school vibe. The new Beard and Tattoo Oil not only revitalizes beards (and the skin underneath), but also brings tattoos to life with an instant glow. Your customers will love the dual-use, and it will give them an excuse to show off their ink!


Aria Beauty Infrared Straightener


Infrared saunas are having a moment, touted as being beneficial by heating the body directly without warming the air and penetrating deeply into the body to detoxify. That’s why Aria Beauty’s Infrared Straightener piqued our interest—it uses the same infrared heat to penetrate the hair and dry it from the inside out, pushing moisture toward the hair’s surface. The end result? A damage-free styling option that provides shine and softness.


HairArt H3000 Luxe Air


Okay, WOW. This HairArt blow dryer weighs less than 1 pound, but is still crazy powerful (it can dry hair in under 10 minutes). How? It uses a brushless motor that is significantly more powerful than traditional motors and uses 75 percent less energy than most dryers. Amazing!


Orly Breathable Treatment + Color


We all love gel nails, but if they aren’t removed properly, your nails can be really damaged. And sometimes, you just want a break to let your nails “breathe.” That’s why we thought Orly’s Breathable line was so cool—it’s a nail treatment that ALSO has color! It’s the same technology as contact lenses, so oxygen and hydration can penetrate the nail while you still get to wear a trendy color.


Rahua Dry Shampoo


We know you and your clients are always looking for an amazing dry shampoo. Well, this is one pf the newest and coolest dry shampoos out there. rahua voluminous dry shampoo is a gluten-free, vegan formula that is 100 percent natural. The part we really love? The application process! It’s different than your typical dry shampoo—it puffs a powder-based formula that easily blends into the hair, making white residue a thing of the past.


Hairdo Color Splash Pony


No one ever said creating an updo had to take hours. And no one ever said adding a splash of color had to be permanent! What if you could give your client a totally new look after her cut and color (even if it was just for the rest of the day!), while upping your ticket price at the same time? That’s where the Hairdo Color Splash Pony piece comes in! The pony attaches to your client’s hair and gives her a pop of color instantly!



Denman Fragranced Brushes (and Blowout Bar!)

 We got the royal treatment at the Denman booth— Paul Stafford and Amy Cartwright gave BTC’s Christine and Christen big voluminous curls for the night.

Everyone needs a good on-the-go brush…which is exactly why we were kind of obsessing over Denman’s newest D14 Cocktail Fragranced Brushes. The line consists of the three brushes that come in yellow, pink or blue and all feature a different scent. Perfect to fit in your bag, these brushes feature the famous Denman anti-static rubber pad and provide grip and control when blow-drying.




Thinning hair is a serious issue for a lot of people—which is why Zenagen combines beauty and science to help you help your clients deal with thinning or shedding strands. Be on the lookout for three new products: Mist, a professional keratin treatment; Infusion, a professional moisture treatment; and Spray, a professional thickening spray.




Hair should be beautiful at all ages—that’s why we stopped by the Keratage booth to get our fix on everything hair care-related! We learned that their enhancing treatment for hair extensions or straightened hair is second to none and is totally revolutionizing the industry. Need a little more? All Keratage products are patent-protected meaning you’re going to see results, we can promise you that.




A product that uses 26 minerals from the dead sea to nourish the hair and promote relaxation? Of course we were curious to learn a little more about this line. Saphira features styling and hair care product that promote healthy locks and protect the hair from stress and environmental damage. Not only is their packaging gorg, they have a strong #girlboss who started the company who encourages all women to follow their dreams and too look beautiful while doing so.


Andre Walker Hair


By now we all know about the natural hair movement. Curls and texture? They’re so in. So what are you going to recommend when your client walks in needing a product that helps her style her natural hair? EASY—The Andre Walker Hair Gold System. It features the rare Mongogo Oil keeping your client’s curls moisturized and flexible. Oh and did we mention Andre Walker is Oprah Winfrey’s stylist? Yep, just thought we’d throw that in here!