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A Hairdresser’s Must-Know List Of Techniques To Amplify Your Career

Ready to elevate your career with modern color techniques? CosmoProf® Color The World virtual event is jam PACKED with the biggest names in hair ready to educate and inspire artists around the world. This is your chance to learn career-defining color techniques in a masterclass setting from the icons of our industry. For a sneak peek into the must-attend education, poke through this list of six things every stylist will learn at Color The World virtual event!


1. Achieve Even, Radiant Level 10s (Every Time!)

Feel like your toners always pull ashy? Ever wonder how the IG stylists make their blondes so bright without breakage? It takes practice, but mastering technical blonding services can be career-defining.


Blonding extraordinaire Josie Vilay (@josievilay) put in the extra work (and experiments) so we don’t have to! If you’re looking for career-changing advice on how to master blonding services, we know the place to be


Color The World class: Schwarzkopf Professional Taking Demi-Permanent Color Toning To The Next Level


Below, get three toning tips you can try now for balancing freshly lightened roots. Find out why you SHOULD be adding warmth to your platinum toning formulas! 


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Get your 2-Day Pass to CosmoProf’s digital education event! Register here.


2. Coloring Curls & Coils—Yes, There Is A Wrong Way

The curly-girl queen Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty) is passionate about stylists understanding how to service curly-haired clients. (And you should be, too!) 


“When lifting or decolorizing higher textures of hair it’s so important to work cleanly, saturate and use tension,” explains Michelle. “This will help ensure an even foundation for you to tone.” Coloring textured hair improperly is detrimental—but doing it well can guarantee loyal clientele for life. Feel like you could use some extra help? Jump onto Michelle’s class


Color The World class: Curls Will Be Curls featuring Matrix


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3. Understanding How To Place Contrasting Tones For Dimension 

It might be simple to create contrasting tones, but if your placement is off it can change the entire look of your client’s features. Understanding how to color and cut hair that contours the face is an essential element of having sought-after work. 


Celebrity colorist Greg Gilmore (@greg_gilmore) has mastered the art of complementary color and cutting—and if you’re on IG, you already know that!


Color The World class: Creative Color: Contrasting Highs and Lows featuring Moroccanoil®


Dimensional haircolor does not mean two-toned! Check out Greg’s gorgeous platinum on Tiffany Haddish:


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4. Offering Classic + Trending Foiling Techniques 

No matter what trends come and go, the basics of foiling will always be the foundation of new techniques. Understanding how to make foils work for you is a skill that every stylist should be comfortable with. 


If you feel like it’s too risky to stray away from the foiling patterns you’re used to, try Gina Bianca’s (@iamginabianca) go-to five ways to foil. Being able to adapt an arsenal of foiling techniques to individual clients is an absolute game-changer when it comes to painted color. Ever wonder how Gina’s viral IG looks look custom to each client? We have the answer for you


Color The World class: RUSK 5 Ways To Foil


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5. Time-Saving Special Event Styling

Special event styling should not take hours on end—even if the movies make it seem like it. To become a reputable, sought-after stylist for ultra-glam looks, time management is everything.


A-list celebrity stylist Chris Appleton will share his technical secrets and product go-to’s during CosmoProf® Color The World Classes. If you’re looking to level up your bridal clientele or move into red carpet bookings, you’ll want this styling and scheduling advice! 


Color The World class: Color Wow: Get Glam with Chris Appleton


Check out this quickie snatched bun + middle part tutorial your clients will be asking for:


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6. Understanding When Trends Become Permanent Services 

There are a lot of “cash-grabby” hair trends that cycle through each year. But when industry-changing services like balayage begin to transform into custom techniques like foilayage, you need to be prepared to deliver. 


Lived-in blonde looks will never go out of style, so keeping up to date on the latest versions of these services is super important. Jessica Scott Santo (@jessicascotthair) has mastered the art of adding shadow roots, painting tip-outs and foilayaging where necessary WITHOUT overdoing it. (You can, too!)


Color The World class; Dimensional Foilyage Blonding featuring Moroccanoil®


Watch Jessica create her signature lived-in blonde (notice all the dimensions— lived-in doesn’t mean sacrificing brightness!)


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Color The World kicks off on October 16th! Secure your 2-day pass to learn from some of the biggest names in the industry.


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