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Last updated: October 30, 2017

We Have Liftoff! 8 Hot Launches from Cosmoprof 2015

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2015 is shaping up to be the year of salon industry innovation—the likes of which has not been seen in many years! A strong salon economy mixed with eager consumers has led to a diffusion of versatile styling products, high-tech tools, exciting new menu options and color lines that protect the hair’s integrity while still delivering brilliant depth. At Cosmoprof in Las Vegas, salon professionals from all over the world got to see these innovations firsthand—and BTC was there to capture it all! Here are some of the upcoming launches that caught our attention, a few that made us scratch our heads (literally) and the ones that stole the show!


Who: Beauty & Pin-Ups

The Scoop: Nothing epitomizes classic American beauty quite like the image of the 1940s pin-up girl. Whether plastered on the walls of a soda shop or on the side of a World War II bomber, the pin-up girl exuded confident femininity while showcasing bold yet tasteful sex appeal. And although beauty standards have shifted over the past half-century, that classic femininity is making a comeback—and Beauty & Pin-Ups is picking up where the ‘40s left off! The new styling line is formulated with A-list ingredients to nurture the hair starting at the roots. Amla Oil penetrates deep within the scalp to reenergize the follicles from the root to the ends; Argan Oil helps soften, condition and tame tough tresses, making the hair optimal for styling; and Avocado Oil moisturizes the hair with a healthy dose of nutrients, fats and Omega 3s to boost shine. The ingredients put these products on par with those of renowned luxury brands your clients love—while the abilities these products grant stylists allow their artistry to truly stand out. Launching in September with a 7 product lineup to start, Beauty & Pin-Ups has everything from a silkening shampoo and leave-in conditioner to a blowout styling primer and sculpting spray gel.        


Who: Malibu C Direct Dye Lifter (DDL)
The Scoop: Do you know what minerals are in most of the water in the U.S. that can cause serious issues with the hair and scalp? Calcium is injected into most water systems as part of the water treatment process which can cause calcium buildup on the hair, leaving it dry and weighed down on the scalp which can cause flaking. It can also clog the mouth of the follicle causing hair to break off. Copper is also commonly found in the water thanks to copper pipes. Oxidized copper discolors light hair producing a green tint and causes dark hair to tint darker, in addition to fading haircolor.
DDL removes unwanted direct dyes and can be used creatively for special effects, giving colorists the control they need to take off color just as quickly as they put it on. Perfect for clients’ who love to change their color often. Now, your client’s red can stay vibrant longer without worry of fading after a few shampoos because the color will have a chance to adhere to the hair fiber rather than onto calcified minerals that have deposited onto the hair via their shower heads. DDL is a must before any service, especially a color service, to give your clients’ the ultimate results.


Who: KERATAGE Pulse Massager Brush & Shine Boost Repair Oil Essence

The Scoop: We’re always looking for the next hot in-salon service—something that will keep your clients coming back every six weeks besides the obvious reasons. And we think we just found that reason within KERATAGE’s Pulse Massager Brush & Shine Boost Repair Oil Essence! The massager brush is crafted with infrared, negative ions and pulsating bristles that stimulate “deeply-slept” hair follicles while promoting healthy blood circulation through the scalp to speed up the metabolism and foster healthy hair growth. Did we mention that it also feels amazing? It is, however, what goes into the brush that makes it work wonders! The Shine Boost Repair Oil Essence is chock full of Keratin, Grape Seed Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract and Vitamin E to repair the hair’s texture, enhance the shine and restore the hair’s vitality. The massage brush and the infrared ions help to unlock the potency of this reparative oil, overall leaving the hair looking smooth and feeling refreshed.


Who: Zoya Naked Manicure
The Scoop: When we were introduced to this new manicure system by the founder of
Zoya (yes, Zoya HERSELF), we were thrilled. Because not only does it provide short-term benefits such as instantly neutralizing discoloration; refining the nail plate surface; smoothing ridges and creating a healthy tone and finish, it also goes a long way in supporting cellular renewal, enhancing nail flexibility and strength and increasing hydration and resilience to nails. And while we love what it can do for our clients, here’s the real reason this product is so amazing: it has the ability to remove and correct haricolor on nails! In fact, the system was originally tested on a hairdresser to prove its abilities to remove color. Turns out it works great, meaning your days of unsightly, “ombré nails” are long gone.


Who: ATTIRA Youthful Nature
The Scoop: Looking for a luxurious hair experience with premium ingredients? Look no further than ATTIRA. This Netherlands-based company specializes in professional hair products with a focus on natural ingredients and uncompromised performance. No joke, this is a very potent and effective hair care line and it all began with auroras. Auroras are a magnetic phenomenon that occurs when highly charged particles collide with elements in the Earth’s atmosphere. ATTIRA is the first line to harness similar magnetic forces in order to “super charge” its natural ingredients. With a firm belief that nature holds the power to heal and rejuvenate, their ingredients come straight from the source; from crystal springs and wild herb gardens. One unique brand within the line is Youthful Nature, an anti-aging regimen that rejuvenates and protects. The Youthful Nature line combines antioxidants with UV protection for an anti-aging effect. Designed for all hair types this line provides the ultimate in nourishing care and adds serious volume and shine. Oh, and did we mention it leaves hair feeling  fresh and reinvigorated?


Who: Mirabella Beauty Borrowed from the Body
The Scoop: Brow bars are popping up all over as more and more women are looking for perfectly sculpted brows that are etched to perfection. Due to the rise, Mirabella Beauty has created a premiere brow collection including The Brow Shaper, an all-in-one eyebrow groomer and The Brow Pencil, offering three shades of brow color. “Trendy eyebrows have become intense and heavy. I wanted to move away from the overly bold brows to a well-manicured full, natural looking brow,” shares Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. The Brow Pencil has a microfine tip designed to create fine hair-like strokes and The Brow Shaper provides everything needed to create the perfect brows in one compact tool. Offering shape, definition, universal color fill and thickness, The Brow Shaper instantly creates beautiful brows. The 5-in-1 tool features a unique formula with powder allowing the product to have a flexible texture when dry for natural-looking brows. The Brow Pencil comes in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark and glides on easily with soft, microfine lead, laying rich color smoothly without chipping. What’s more, the formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and contains vitamin E and C for hair and skin conditioning. Available in professional salons starting in September 2015.


Who: Oligo Professionnel’s CALURA

The Scoop: When you’ve been in the industry for 29 years, you experiment a lot—especially when you’re working on creating revolutionary color lines. This is something that Oligo Professionnel, the Canada-based haircare line, has experienced firsthand. They spent years experimenting before they finally developed their revolutionary exothermic permanent shine haircolor, CALURA! CALURA means “heat” in Italian so you know this line of 83 shades of red and coppers, with 4 high lift blondes, is hot! All shades are ammonia- and PPD-free, while infused with certified, pure organic essences like Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil and a dash of keratin to create the ultimate barrier against environmental damage while adding a beautiful shine to the color! The color was engineered to gently open the cuticle to ensure the color penetrates deep within the strands for unparalleled radiance!


Who: Faby
The Scoop: Taking a cue from Mother Nature, Faby’s new Nature Collection is the only nail line that consists of 87 percent natural ingredients derived from wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava and other raw vegetable materials. What you won’t find in this product–petroleum! This nail line is safe and eco-friendly, even the glass bottle the polish comes in at ecological and recyclable. Polish glides on perfectly and dries in just a few minutes for long-lasting, vibrant, luminous color. The collection consists of six shades: Etruscan Clay, a gray with an antique and refined flavor; the dark brown and decisive Afromosia; the beige in 100% Cashmere; like a warm embrace, Cymbidium, a green; Peau d’Ange, a coral in its most treasured and delicate shade; and Silk Cocoon, that brings to mind a silk thread that is wound to create a treasured, luminous and elegant fabric. In keeping with the green mindset, these polishes are Big 5 Free, which means they were manufactured without the use of DBP, Tolune, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.


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