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Last updated: October 23, 2017

How To Make Your Color Go VIRAL

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By now we all know the industry has changed thanks to social media, and we’re completely obsessed with it—Instagramming, hashtagging, sharing, posting, liking, loving. We’re constantly consumed and we’re constantly wondering: whose transformation is the biggest? Whose color is the brightest? Whose shade is going to last the longest? Well, in case you’re one of those stylists who is completely engaged with everything online, we have a secret you’re going to want to know more about. It’s game-changing, it’s revolutionary and it’s going viral, according to the team behind the product.


Introducing the latest in color innovation, Viral® Fashion Color Care® Systems from Celeb Luxury, brought to us by the man who has been watching the haircolor industry evolve since the very beginning, Leland Hirsch. Celeb Luxury says Viral® is unlike anything the industry has seen, innovative and completely one-of-a-kind. Leland and his team created an entire new category in haircolor, resulting in a patent-pending technology called Colorposit™.


Viral® Colorwash from Celeb Luxury is
changing the haircolor game in a big way.


How It Works
Viral® Colorwash is awesome because you can use it two different ways. You can use Viral® Colorwash as a way to maintain your client’s current fashion-color service, keeping their vibrant shade totally locked in without having to constantly reapply the color. Or, you can skip the entire coloring service altogether. Viral® Colorwash was created specifically for hair that has been prelightened, white to palest blonde, to accept extremely bold haircolor. So, if your client wants to add some fun color and is already sportin’ lightened locks, you can simply shampoo her with the Viral® Colorwash color of her choice, and give her an instant fashion shade without the usual timely color service application process.


According to Celeb Luxury,  all Viral® Bold Tones are designed to maximize color deposition on the hair and minimize staining on the hands and scalp. Plus, after hair is washed and dried, color won’t fade from the hair to stain clothing or bedding. And, as an added bonus, it works on all hair types, even hair that has recently had a keratin treatment!


The Results

The above color swatches give you an actual idea for
just how strong the 
Viral® Bold Tones are and the results your clients can expect.  


So help her maintain that beautiful, bold hue and correct any unwanted tones! Below are two stylists who have used Viral® Bold Tones and saw the amazing results come to life. See their clients’ transformations and learn more about the product that can help make your behind-the-chair color creations go viral.


A photo posted by @celebluxury on


A photo posted by @celebluxury on

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