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Last updated: July 21, 2020

Speedy Services: Faster Balayage, Gray Coverage & Tint-Backs

Balayage Diagram Neutral Blends Creating Brightness Hair Paint
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Color Diagram via @steph_sheer

Express Techniques + Formulating Tips For Faster Appointment Times

With a full book of clients ready to get back in your chair, it’s time to think about different ways to save time in the salon. Faster formulating, express services and quick hair painting techniques—these are just a few timesavers that can shave minutes off your busy schedule. Keep reading for helpful strategies for working smarter, not harder!


1. Save Time Before Your Client Arrives

Set yourself up for success BEFORE your clients walk into the salon.


  • Virtual Consultation: Cut down every appointment by 15 minutes! Facetime with new clients or ask for photos to see their color and density, then save time by pre-formulating over the phone, suggests Aspen Rae (@itsaspenrae). This gives you back those 15 minutes to sanitize or take other clients.


  • Set Up Color Tools In Advance: Look at your day and make a labeled tool kit for every appointment to save time, suggests Steph Sheeran (@steph_sheer). For example, a touch-up kit includes: Clean combs, clips, color bowl, application tool, towel, neck stripe and cape.


2. How To Formulate Faster

Save time at the backbar with these pre-blended color formula tips:


  • More Dimension, Less Formulas: Don’t lose time mixing multiple color boxes to achieve a neutral blend. Try using a pre-blended permanent color, like PRAVANA ChromaSilk Blended Neutrals, that feature a neutral brown base and range from Levels 3 to 7.


  • Tint-Back Services: For faster blonde-to-mid level brunette transformations, Blended Neutrals are formulated to restore pigment without having to fill with copper or gold first. Apply directly to a Level 10 and achieve long-lasting richness without green, muddy tones. 


  • Balayage + Blonding: Have your lightener pre-measured without developer. When your client arrives, just add developer and go.


  • Gray Coverage: Skip the pre-pigmenting step for coarse, resistant gray hair. Mix Blended Neutrals directly with ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Color Natural Series for double gray coverage impact.


Pro Tip: PRAVANA ChromaSilk Naturals have a slightly cool, blue-based tone to reduce warmth while ChromaSilk Blended Neutrals use balanced parts of all three primary colors for a truly neutral base.


Peep The Demo Below To Learn More About Naturals vs. Neutrals


Products Used


3. Express Service: Part-Line Gray Coverage

Offer a fast touch-up for clients who need coverage but don’t have a full head of gray hair, suggests Aspen—this will cut your application time in half. Just mix Blended Neutrals and ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Color, apply directly to the part line and do a face-frame retouch.



4. Hair Painting Tricks For High Impact

Knowing how to create brightness where it counts and strategizing what technique will get you there is a MAJOR timesaver. Here are a few helpful techniques, tools and a balayage diagram to break it down:


  • 1-Point V: Creates light going from one high point down the hair on an angle.


  • 2-Point V: Creates light on each side of the high point and meets toward the middle.


  • 3-Point V: Creates light at three points, one at each high point and the center moving down for a peak-and-valley effect.


  • Timesaving Tools: For faster application, use the back of your hand as a board, or try the PRAVANA Balayage Palette that gently accelerates lightener by mimicking body warmth in target areas.


Peep The Balayage Diagram Below! 👀

Balayage Diagram Neutral Blends Creating Brightness Hair Paint
Photo via @steph_sheer

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