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Last updated: September 07, 2022

5 Timesaving Gray Coverage Hacks You Need

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Fast Color Tips To Increase Your Revenue

Gray coverage services may not excite you as much as your major transformations and blonding appointments; but, don’t be fooled! These bookings are key to creating dependable monthly revenue since this type of client often visits the salon every four weeks in search of a quick root touch-up.


To keep gray coverage clients coming back to your chair, keep reading to learn a few quick services to add to your menu, and how to speed up salon visits with hybrid gray coverage and foiling.


1. Quick Service Idea: The T Touch-Up

Adding well-packaged, quick services to your menu is a must! That’s where the T touch-up comes in. Ashley Smith (@paintedbyashleymarie) explains that this gray coverage service focuses on the front two sections and the top of the back section of the hair. This is the perfect service for clients with grays that frequently visit the salon and want their appointments to be quick.


For this service, Ashley uses Joico LUMI10™ Permanent Créme Color because it offers 100 percent gray coverage in ten minutes. A speedier processing time means you can fit more clients into your day, increasing your revenue behind the chair.


T Touch up Gray Coverage
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @paintedbyashleymarie

Check out the gorgeous end result below! 

T Touch Up end result
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @paintedbyashleymarie


Don’t stop now! Continue your education HERE with Joico.


2. The secret to cutting gray coverage in half

Imagine this: Your gray coverage client walks in and within an hour, they’re blow-dried and ready to go! Here’s how. Joico LUMI10™ processes in ten quick minutes—plus, it provides maximum shine while reducing breakage and protecting the hair.  


PRO TIP: “Just because you’re saving time doesn’t mean you have to charge your client less,” Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) advises. She gives her client the choice of a traditional gray coverage service or the 10-minute application with a $5-10 convenience fee added on. ⁣


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3. Cover grays & tone… at the same time! 

For your lived-in brunettes, this technique is going to save you so much time behind the chair. Ashley starts this look by applying highlights and lowlights. On damp hair, she applies Joico LUMI10™ to the roots; meanwhile, she applies the toner at the same time, melting everything together. 


PRO TIP: For super resistant grays, formulate half a level to one level lighter than the desired level, then process for five extra minutes.


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4. Ensure blend when highlighting by doing this

Gray coverage can be tricky, especially when it comes to highlighted clients: You want to make sure their blonde is bright and beautiful while also covering potentially stubborn grays. Here’s how!


When covering grays and lifting in one appointment, teasylights are a great technique to use to ensure blend. Here’s how Samantha saves time by knocking out teasylights and gray coverage in one process. 


  1. Foil the hair with Joico Blonde Life™ Lightener Powder to create pops of brightness. 
  2. Ten minutes prior to rinsing, go back and apply LUMI10™ in between each foil being careful not to overlap the color and lightener. 


Check out this technique in action below:

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5. Add a 10-minute color service to routine haircuts

For your clients that come in wanting a quick trim, it’s time to change their life. Try adding a gray coverage service to your next cut appointment for a quick, but effective way to increase your revenue and help your clients leave the salon feeling extra fresh. LUMI10™’s quick processing time allows you to easily add on color services without throwing off your schedule for the day.


PRO TIP: Ten minutes can fly by, so always make sure to set a timer. If you don’t have one, check out the app store on your phone! 


Joico LUMI10 Root Touch Up
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @paintedbyashleymarie


BONUS! Give your clients that extra 10 percent 

These are the “small details that make clients want to come back to you,” says Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair). No one likes leaving the salon with color-stained skin, especially when it screams, “I just got my grays touched up!” To avoid this, Taylor uses a barrier cream before applying color to help prevent stains. While the color is processing, she uses a towel and color remover to gently rub the hairline to remove excess color.


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