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Last updated: May 10, 2023

Tap + Tone: How To Make The Money Piece Pop

How To Root Tap For a Bright, Blended Money Piece

If you’ve ever left your client at the bowl to process and come back to toner that pulled WAY too dark, keep reading! Matrix Ambassador Sharon Spellman (@sharon.simplyinsane) is here to teach you her signature sectioning to keep blondes bright and to never over-tone again. Watch the entire video above for the complete technique! 


1. Start at the nape—here’s why: 

Start applying your root tap to the nape and work towards the money piece to allow the front hairline to stay bright. “I think the money piece is usually very porous,” Sharon explains, adding that, “It sucks up the color a lot quicker.”


Sharon’s Formulas:

  • Roots: Matrix Tonal Control Pre-Bonded Acidic Gel-Cream Toners 6NGA + 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer (1:1) 
  • Ends: Tonal Control Pre-Bonded Acidic Gel-Cream Toners 9NGA + 11PV + 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer (1:1)
close formula


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2. Try THIS sectioning to create a seamless blend:

Sharon applies the root tap using diagonal back sections because it’s going to end up creating a “U” shape for the most seamless, blended grow-out. With this toning technique, she communicates to her clients that it will make the whole highlight pattern last longer.


Pro Tip: Every three sections, use a wide tooth comb to blur the line of demarcation without combing through the ends.


close formula


3. Never have toner pull too dark again—here’s our secret: 

Sharon’s fix for this is using Matrix Tonal Control. “You can see the real-time, visible oxidation as you go,” she explains, which allows you to see what the color will look like in 20 minutes. AKA—a great tool for new stylists who are still learning about formulation.


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