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Last updated: January 19, 2024

Cover & Nourish Grays In Just One Step—Here’s How!

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A color range formulated with skincare ingredients that delivers long-lasting gray coverage will help you say “goodbye” to cluttered backbars. When permanent hair colors are infused with the below ingredients, colorists no longer need to reach for multiple products to protect, nourish and add shine to freshly colored hair.


To ensure your gray coverage clients’ hair is left smooth with a long-lasting color, read on for a list of skincare-grade ingredients that should be in the next hair color you buy.


How This Anti-Aging Ingredient Benefits Gray Hairs:

When sugar beet extract is used in a hair color, it works as a moisturizing and conditioning agent to leave hair smooth, hydrated and shiny. This is particularly important when working with wirey grays—the ingredient replenishes moisture that’s lost in the aging process which ultimately softens the texture.


Aloxxi®’s 36-shade LUMINEXX™ Gel Cream Permanent Hair Color line is infused with sugar beet extract, along with other skincare-grade ingredients, to not only cover grays, but nourish and protect the hair while it processes.


Swipe for a before & after of using LUMINEXX™ on a gray coverage client:

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This Ingredient Will Prevent A Stained Scalp:

Your root touch-up clients will thank you for using LUMINEXX™ on their hair as it’s designed to prevent staining on the scalp and hairline. Thanks to the infusion of sacha inchi seed oil, colorists can use less primer and stain remover. The oil is lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly to work as a barrier, but is strong enough to moisturize dry, mature hair and scalps.


The infusion of sacha inchi seed oil also makes formulas perfectly balanced to deposit color quickly, efficiently and without any dripping resulting in faster rinse times. The oil contributes to the formula’s gel cream texture which means less is more and only calls for a 1:2 color to developer ratio.


4 Ways This Formula Benefits The Scalp

Inulin is extracted from chicory root and also used in LUMINEXX™ to provide a range of scalp benefits. Here’s what they are:


  • Inulin helps rebuild and strengthen the scalp
  • The ingredients protects the scalp from the effects of allergenic factors, irritating detergents and UV rays
  • It rebalances the microbiome of the skin to provide barrier protection to the scalp
  • Inulin soothes, reduces redness and inflammation


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Click here to add LUMINEXX™ to your color arsenal!


Here’s How To Prevent Fast-Fading Color:

All stylists know sunlight can cause colored hair to fade faster. However, the infusion of Lutein, an element extracted from calendula flowers, can protect color-treated hair from UV sunlight and blue light (the light transmitted from computer, cell phone and television screens).


LUMINEXX™ is infused with Lutein to do just that, reducing fading and increasing the time in between color appointments.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @aloxxihair @beautyy_bykarla


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