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Last updated: March 06, 2020

Sleek, Smooth Blowout With Volume

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Sleek, Smooth Blowout With Volume

A strong blowout is ALWAYS highly requested by clients, so we love to refresh our skills on this technique. That’s why we had Aloxxi Artist and Celeb Stylist Michael Duenas (@michaelduenas) teach us his method for a sleek-yet-voluminous blowout with a how-to he uses on celebs like Rachel Brosnahan. Scroll down for the step-by-step!


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Products Used


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    What are Michael’s go-to products for prep? The new Bombshell Styling Line from Aloxxi. Why? They offer heat protection, can be layered together without weighing down the hair AND can be applied to wet or dry hair. 


    • Start with the Volumizing Whip from roots to ends, working through with your hands.


    • Take rough sections and spray the Bombshell Volume, Grip & Hold Spray at the root only, for lift and hold.


    • Apply Bombshell Shine Mist from mid to ends for combability and sheen throughout the blowout.
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    Take rough sections and overdirect the hair away from the scalp with fingers to create lift and volume that is natural. “I want this look to be sleek with volume,” he explains. “So, skipping the brush will achieve maximum volume and control without damaging the hair—which is at its most elastic when wet.”

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    To smooth the underneath sections, run the flat iron on the ends only, creating a slight bend. “When you straighten each section stick straight, the ends can look dry and fuzzy,” he explains.


    PRO TIP: When working through the underneath, leave any natural bends or wave. Why? “The top section will cover any texture underneath,” explains Michael, “but it will allow the style to keep its natural volume.”

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    For the hairline by the client’s ear, overdirect the hair straight out from the head. Run the straightener quickly back and forth at the root to smooth.

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    When reaching the upper veil, start smoothing the hair from mids to ends to begin making the style polished and clean.


    PRO TIP: Let sections cool in your hand before letting go. This way, the section doesn’t compact into the rest of the hair and keeps its volume.

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    When at the root, rock the flat iron towards you to create volume and bring the iron gently down the section to smooth.

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    Finished look. 

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