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Last updated: December 17, 2020

WATCH: Toning Platinum Blondes For Winter

3 Tips For Keeping Winter Blondes Healthy & Bright 

Platinum clients looking for a winter refresh? Aloxxi Blonde Ambassador Rachel Willams (@rachelwstylist) is sharing her best application tips and tricks for toning winter blondes with new shades from Aloxxi TONES®!


1. Protect & Soothe A Dry Scalp With Proper Prep

The winter months can be drying for everyone, but platinum clients need extra care and protection. So Rachel grabs the COLOURPRIME Pre-Color Treatment from Aloxxi. “COLOURPRIME balances the scalp’s pH level, which allows the color to process evenly,” Rachel explains. “It also soothes and protects the scalp during processing, which can be beneficial to platinum clients that may be sensitive from repetitive lightening.”


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2. Formulate With Gold For A Bright Face-Frame

To create extra brightness around the face, Rachel mixes equal parts 10P and 10G. Why add gold? “It adds a beautiful reflection to platinum blondes, creating a bright face-frame,” Rachel explains. Check out her formulas below!


  • Formula A (face-frame and hairline): Aloxxi TONES® Demi-Permanent Colour equal parts 10P + 10G + 7-volume Aloxxi Creme Developer (1:2)


  • Formula B (root shadow): TONES® equal parts 9AA + 9V + 7-volume Creme Developer (1:2)


  • Formula C (mids-ends): TONES® equal parts 10AA + 10P+ 7-volume Creme Developer (1:2)


Slide For The Before & After

close formula


3. Uncomfortable Pulling Down A Shadow Root? Try This Trick!

If you tend to pull a shadow root down too far, try blending up! Rachel shared her trick for blending below:


  • Apply the shadow root formula. 
  • Apply color to the mids and ends, making sure to fully saturate. Then, use your fingers to gently work the color up, gently blending into the shadow root formula.


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BONUS: How To Convert Demi-Permanent To Permanent 

Have a client that needs a bit more coverage? Check out how Rachel switches up mixing ratios for a more permanent result: 


  • Demi-Permanent: Mix using a 1:2 ratio
  • Permanent: Mix using a 1:1 ratio

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