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Last updated: September 18, 2020

Bronde Foilayage & Melting Technique

How To Use Foilayage & Color Melting For Seamless Blends 

Aloxxi Artist Sam LaBella (@samlabellahair) showed us the perfect technique for your clients who want to go blonder, but aren’t ready to fully commit. Watch her tutorial above to learn how she uses a mixture of color blocking, color melting AND foilayage techniques to get a gorgeous bronde blend with a bright money piece. Keep scrolling for takeaway tips, the finished look and the formulas!


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Who Is This Technique For?

“One of my favorite things about the color block mixed with the melt is it’s very showy,” says Sam. “It gives you that bold statement piece, but the melting behind it is a little bit more client-friendly. [For] those clients who aren’t into really big blocks of color, this is a nice way to transition and keep that natural pace.”


This technique is also good for color corrections. The tonal dimension right next to one another in the melt is a great way to camouflage any harsh lines from previous box color.


Slide Through To See The Finished Look!



The Face Frame

When creating the bright face frame, Sam used a combination of color blocking and foilayage techniques to get the bright money piece. The key to a natural blonde is applying the shadow root formula before applying the lightener. Make sure the shadow root color matches the client’s natural color to ensure a seamless grow out.


When foiling around the face, Sam prefers to section going diagonal back. This placement helps create more tension for tighter foils and keeps the foils off the client’s face. 


Color Melting

Sam starts this technique by sectioning off the face frame from the rest of the hair for foiling, and melts throughout the rest of the hair.

  • Start by applying Formula B to the perimeter using the smudging technique. Smudging is applying a formula at the base and continuously blending it out. Continue painting all the way through to the nape.


  • Next, create a diagonal section in the back of the head at the nape. Apply Formula B at the roots. Then apply Formula C at the midlengths and melt the two colors together so there’s no lines of demarcation. Next, apply Formula D at the ends, making sure to melt it into Formula C.


  • Take another diagonal section and paint Formula B down a bit further from the roots. Skip Formula C and go straight into Formula D to create organic movement in the hair.


  • For the last section, place a foil in the hair and apply Formula B to the roots. Then apply Formula A to the hair away from Formula B and blend up to melt them. Leave the ends out and close the foil.


  • Continue this technique until the entire section if finished.


Tap The Beaker For The Formulas!

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A (Lightener)

    Aloxxi Ultra Lightener + 20-volume Blue Developer + RRx Treatment Reparative Serum

  • Formula B (Shadow Root)

    Aloxxi CHROMA® Permanent Creme Colour 6BrG + 10-volume developer

  • Formula C (Midlengths)

    Aloxxi CHROMA® Permanent Creme Colour 7BrG + 10-volume developer

  • Formula D (Ends)

    Aloxxi CHROMA® Permanent Creme Colour 8BrG + 10-volume developer


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