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Last updated: December 02, 2020

3 Foilayage & Toning Techniques From @omgartistry

3 Foilayage & Toning Techniques You Can Use On Any Client

Watch Joico Brand Storyteller Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry) make blonding easier with her six-foil technique using a blend of her statement stair master technique with layered toning foilayage. The benefit of mixing these two techniques together isn’t just the effortless blend the client receives, but how easy it is to refresh once the client is back in the salon. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to read up on each technique, check out the finished look and grab the formulas!


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The Stair Master

Olivia uses the stair master technique to apply highlights and lowlights to the hair. It consists of overdirecting the hair and applying foils in between for a consistent blend. The perk of this technique is when the client returns for a touch up, there’s a clear guide on where to place the highlights and lowlights when foiling.


Pro Tip: Because this technique starts in the front, Olivia prefers to use 10-volume developer for a slower lift before moving to 15- to 20-volume as she moves through the hair.


Check Out The Before & After!

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Tease For Depth

If the client is looking for a rooty blonde look, make sure the hair is teased before applying the foil. One thing to keep in mind is the lower the teasing starting point, the more depth will be achieved at the root. Olivia increases the number of comb pushes through the hair, while making sure to start the tease lower and lower as she works through each highlighted section for a seamless blend. For example, in the first section she’ll tease once, then in the next she’ll place the comb lower and tease twice and so on.


Note: After each highlight, make sure to take larger and larger sections in between for the lowlights.


Layered Toning

This technique is perfect for clients and stylists who aren’t ready for a full head of lowlights in fear that it will look muddy. It complements the stair master technique, by living in between the highlights. Simply slice the lowlight section in half, pull the front piece away and apply the lowlight formula to the back section.


Pro Tip: It’s better to slice versus weave with lowlights so they don’t disappear into the hair. Slicing helps to achieve more visibility so when the client returns the lowlights easily pop out.


Click The Beaker For The Formulas!

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  • Formula A (Highlights)

    Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener + 10-volume Developer

  • Formula B (Lowlights)

    Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 5N + 5-volume Developer

  • Formula C (Lowlights)

    LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 7N + 8NW + 5-volume Developer

  • Formula D

    LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 8NW+ 10NW + 5-volume Developer


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