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Last updated: September 28, 2022

20-Minute Bronde? Here’s What You Need To Know

Brondes: 3 Foil & Balayage Tips To Pick Up The Pace

Looking for the best way to create the high-impact brondes we’ve been seeing everywhere this fall? Joico Artistic Director of Haircolor Laura Gibson (@lgibsoncolorist) is sharing her quick and easy technique for dimensional brondes with a hybrid service of balayage and foils. And when we say “quick,” we mean quick: this face-framing bronde result can be applied in just 20 minutes! Hint: it’s all in the placement and application. 


Keep scrolling for some of Laura’s must-know tips for a low-maintenance bronde with a seamless grow-out!


The end result!

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A (lightener)

    Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener + 5-volume developer (1:1)

  • Formula B (toner)

    Joico Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toner 10n + 8n (1:1) + Joico Blonde Life Coconut Oil 5-volume developer

Photo Credit: Laura Gibson (@lgibsoncolorist)


1. Placement Hack: Less Foils, More Impact

Laura is working on a previously lightened client with six months of grow-out. Since the goal of Laura’s application is just to add a pop of brightness around the hairline, she is taking very fine weaves and only re-applying lightener to areas of natural growth. This makes sure that her client’s hair will be healthier in the long run AND creates a more balanced result. 


Laura mixed her Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener with a gentle 5-volume developer to both protect the hair and ensure it doesn’t lift too light. We want to stay on the brunette side of bronde!


Laura applies the hairline foils while leaving a pocket of depth.


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2. Avoid over-foiling your bronde to maintain dimension

A key part of creating bronde is not to over-foil; the highlights need to have a background in order to pop. To help determine where the pocket of depth needs to be, Laura recommends pre-sectioning out the hairline so she knows where the money piece ends and where the hair begins to fall. 


Laura sections out the money piece.


Pro tip: If you’re intimidated by balayage, this technique is a great place to start! With brunette shades, you don’t have to worry so much about the lift being super, super bright (like you would for a blonde.) Plus the foils along the hairline act as a security blanket for the end result.


3. Create more depth by graduating the lightener

As you apply the hairline foils, take the lightener farther from the root with each consecutive foil to create a lived-in bronde balayage. Use the same technique when painting the very fine babylight balayage behind the hairline, leaving pockets of depth toward the top.


Pro tip: When painting the baby balayage, don’t saturate the hair all the way through. We just want to pop the color a bit, so allowing the lightener to just sit on the surface will work wonders. Remember to check the underside for any harsh lines!


Laura applies lightener farther from the root with each consecutive foil.


Click here to watch Laura’s full bronding technique on BTCTV!


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