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Last updated: September 12, 2018

QUICKIE: Bright Blonde + Stretched Root

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When your client wants to go bright and blonde with a root that requires little to no attention…what do you do? @sadiejcre8s shows us how she handles this situation—and the result is simply stunning. Plus, we grabbed a couple tips from her Instagram for creating low-maintenance color and for knowing when to use the foilayage technique. Check it all out below.



Watch The Video How-To Below


Mastering Low-Maintenance Color

  • Balayage and foilayage gives clients the look they want without having to return to the salon every four to six weeks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see them until their next balayage appointment.
  • Why? Clients still need to keep up with their color. Sadie recommends that clients come in every eight to 10 weeks for a quick toning gloss between balayage/foilayage appointments. This keeps the color looking its best and allows you to better monitor their hair.


Knowing When To Foilayage

  • When starting on a Level 5 or below, Sadie says foilayage is her technique of choice.
  • Why? Foil is an insulator, so when a Level 5 or lower wants a bright balayage, you won’t achieve the desired lift without using foils.