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Last updated: May 18, 2023

Toning with Permanent Color: How to Avoid Banding

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Gray Coverage: 3 Application Tips to Avoid Banding 

Hot roots, harsh banding and a multiple-step gray coverage service—who has time for that? In an exclusive class on BTC University, #ONESHOT Winner Ashlee Norman (@ashleenormanhair) is sharing her hybrid toning technique for covering grays, creating a shadow root and color melt ALL IN ONE SERVICE. Did we mention she uses permanent color? 


Take your hair color skills to the next level with BTC University’s exclusive classes. Unlock 150+ classes for only $10/month—INCLUDING ASHLEE’S HYBRID TONING CLASS PREMIERING JUNE 5TH!


Tip #1: Tone with Permanent Color

Shadow root 🤝 gray coverage. Learn how to avoid unwanted warmth AND harsh lines of demarcation in ONE STEP on June 5th with Ashlee Norman on BTC University. 



Tip #2: Formulate TRANSLUCENT Gray Coverage 

Want to create low-maintenance gray coverage—WAIT WHAT? Hit play to learn exactly what is translucent gray coverage… 



Get full access to Ashlee’s complete color theory formulation (plus more diagrams!) on BTC University PREMIERING JUNE 5TH!




Tip #3: Rethink Your Application 

Universal root retouch? Think again. Learn how Ashlee adjusts her gray coverage technique to avoid unwanted banding and give her clients a low maintenance gray coverage service on June 5th on BTC University! 



Ready to get some hands in some hair? Subscribe to BTC University to get unlimited access to Ashlee’s Hybrid Toning class, PREMIERING June 5th! 

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