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Last updated: September 27, 2017

6 Tips For Your Best Blondes From Kim Vo

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Kim Vo knows blondes—Vogue wouldn’t call you the “best blonder in the business” if you weren’t a master. So he’s our go-to guy for the hottest blonde tips…and with summer in full swing, now’s the time to get your blonding business in order.


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1. The Hair Is a Canvas.

Embrace your artistry! Don’t get too caught up in the technical aspects—take the entire “canvas” into consideration, Kim suggests. Schwarzkopf Professional’s new BLONDME Paint-On Lightener makes it easy to unleash your inner artist, but remember this tip (that might make you hungry): Keep painted strands thinner than a fettucine noodle.


2. Hack Your Brushes.

For better balayage, cut your brushes into the shape of a rainbow. For better ombré and sombré, cut your brush at an angle and brush short side to long side as you apply the lightener.


3. Make Her Blush.

“It’s important to take the client’s personality into account, so I always ask my clients if they want to whisper, talk or shout,” says Kim. If she’s more of a whisperer but occasionally wants to shout, try BLONDME Instant Blushes. These spray-on pastel toners come in four shades and last up to three washes, so you can give her a customized look that will stay just as long as she feels like shouting! See how Kim does it!


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4. Keep Her Fresh.

Don’t let your hard work and artistry go to waste! “Make sure your client is prepared with take-home products to care for her blonde,” says Kim. He recommends a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for blonde hair, like BLONDME Color Enhancing Blonde Shampoo in Cool Ice for cool blondes and Rich Caramel for warmer tones. “Recommend a deep conditioning treatment for your clients as well, like BLONDME Keratin Restore Blonde Mask,” Kim says, and for a chic way to protect delicate blonde color, suggest your clients wear a chic scarf around their head while sunbathing.


5. Do a Quick Correction 
You’re booked solid and your two o’clock announces that even though she asked you to take her darker last time, today she wants to be lighter again. Gulp. And you thought you were just doing a quick retouch! “Here’s a quick correction trick that will keep you on schedule,” reveals Kim. “Apply her original light shade to the roots. Say it’s 7-1. Then mix up a shade that’s two shades lighter—in this case 9-1—and apply it to the dark band just past the roots. It will instantly soften and blend and smooth out the problem—and you won’t have to kill a fly with a shotgun!”


6. Look In The Fridge!
“Do you have a client that is constantly in the pool who complains about her green hair? While she is in-between salon visits, recommend putting ketchup on the hair for 20 minutes. Ketchup takes out all of the copper that deposits in the hair after a few summer swims. She might not ever want to eat a cheeseburger again, but her hair will be looking blonde and fabulous.”