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Last updated: October 03, 2023

Mental Health Tips For Salon Suite Renters

mental health tips for solopreneurs
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Salon Suite Renters: Protect Your Mental Health By Setting These Boundaries


You might own it all, but you can’t do it all. Whether it’s outsourcing tasks like laundry upkeep, organizing inventory or scheduling services—taking to-dos off your plate will make you a better business owner.
Day-to-day signs you need to delegate work:
  1. You’re overwhelmed by your space or bookings
  2. Some tasks require expertise that you do not have (financial, planning, organization, etc.)
  3. Chores are time consuming and require constant after-hours attention
  4. Your ability or passion to do hair is dwindling due to the workload needed before and after clients


Photo Credit: Instagram via @mysalonsuite
Self care doesn’t have to be an expensive spa day (though those are nice too!). Make it simple—set aside time to take a (hot stylist) walk, spend time alone or turn your phone off. These veteran MY SALON Suite® stylists have been in your shoes! Here’s their advice to decompress when work starts to feel heavy:
  • “I schedule time off to be with my family,” says @hair_and_nails_by_kristen
  • “Go to therapy, take walks, reflect, give myself breaks and up my self care!” says
  • “[Have] designated days and times spent not responding to clients,” advises @themanebabellc


Pro Tip: You’re important not selfish. Take time to celebrate your wins! This will put you in a positive mindset and open the door for even more success to come your way.
mental health tips for solopreneurs
Photo Credit: Instagram via @mysalonsuite


Making your own schedule puts a lot of pressure on a work-life balance…or lack thereof.


These fool-proof steps will create a structured, organized and balanced work schedule:

  1. Clearly communicate your working hours. You are a business, not a convenience store.
  2. Set specific hours for client communications.
  3. Schedule time each week to do things non-business related.
  4. Utilize scheduling systems to streamline the booking process.
  5. Align every appointment with your schedule and goals.
  6.  Say “NO” if requests, clients or appointments do not align with you.


mental health tips for solopreneurs
Photo Credit: Instagram via @mysalonsuite


So you’ve set your boundaries—now what?

Here are actions to take to stand by them:

  1. Implement cancellation and late policies to protect your income.
  2. Avoid client communications outside of your scheduled business hours. 
  3. Establish office hours and don’t work outside of them. Free time does not mean you’re free to do hair! As an independent stylist, this isn’t limited to actually working behind the chair. Bills, bookings, cleaning, planning—set “on” and “off” hours to protect your time and set boundaries with yourself.

Hair Stylists: Click here if you crave autonomy over your schedule and business!


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