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Last updated: December 12, 2023

Make More Money: 4 Business Tips To Increase Profit During The Holidays

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How To Increase Holiday Retail Sales, Update Your Service Menu & Sale Ideas

Tis’ the season for a holiday bonus! The winter rush is here and we are breaking down four ways to make more money this holiday season with tips that will take you into New Years. Learn how to increase your retail sales, give your service menu a holiday update and customize the client experience below.


1. Increase Retail Sales: Start Here!

Being able to make money while on your holiday vacay sounds like a DREAM, and we are here to make it come true: My SALON Suite® Suite Elite Member Jocelyn Vigil (@hair_vigilante) recommends setting up affiliate programs to create passive income while boosting your active income. 


Post about the products you love on social media and don’t forget to remind clients about gift cards during the holiday season—great hair makes a great gift! Make it easy for clients to shop by including links to all of your affiliate programs in your link in bio on Instagram.


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Photo Credit: My SALON Suite®


Pro Tip: “Your gift cards and retail displays should always be photo ready or interactive,” Jocelyn advises. One way Jocelyn does this is having tester stickers at the backbar. Then, clients can smell and try the product, creating an interactive experience. You can also include QR codes on your display so clients can scan the code, go straight to your link to read more about the products and purchase.


5 Smart Promos To Try This Season:

1. Collab with a local spa: Offer a “Relax & Renew” package that includes one spa service and one hair service in a bundle deal—plus, a curated retail goody bag!

2. Create themed retail packages: Sell a “New Year’s Prep Set” with your favorite styling products for a night out or a “Revive & Rejuvenate Kit” with masks, a leave-in and other hydrating, healing hair products.  

3. Try a themed sale: For retail that’s red or green, offer 25 percent off for the month of December.

4. Run a BOGO deal or dual promotion: If you bring a friend, you both get 25 percent off your services!

5. Keep the holiday fun going through January: Offer a “Mini Makeover” with a tonal change and cut or bundle two other impactful services to keep you busy on your slow days. “[A gloss and a blowout] ups the ticket average and lets you step away during processing for a quick break,” Jocelyn explains.


2. How To Refresh Your Service Menu

Try adding a “Holiday Hair Bundle” to your menu with a list of your seasonal favorite services—here’s why. Packaging a haircut, express treatment and take-home care kit with free product samples is a great way to upsell to clients while offering value. Plus, they may find their new favorite product and will be back to buy it at their next appointment!


Consider This: Feel stuck with your salon menu? Suite renters with My SALON Suite® have the freedom to customize their menu offerings—that’s why Jocelyn is able to create flexible offerings for a variety for clientele. 


Pro Tip: As it gets closer to Christmas and New Years, offer appointments for just a shampoo, blow-dry and flat iron/curl at a flat rate to get clients glammed up for their holiday parties, events and more.


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3. Creating A Festive Ambiance

Jocelyn’s method for creating a festive ambiance is tapping into the five senses. Get her ideas for easy, elevated holiday decor below! 


  • Touch: You can enhance the sense of touch by offering festive hand scrubs or lotions at the sink, and cozy blankets or towel warmers at the chair.
  • Sight: Utilizing the sense of sight could manifest in the lighting, a wintery floral arrangement or seasonal art. Try incorporating fairy lights or artificial candles to curate a warm aesthetic.
  • Taste: Provide seasonal treats and refreshments to convey a holiday feel. A hot chocolate or sangria station the week before Christmas can be a fun surprise for clients! Don’t be afraid of options: For the hot chocolate, you can offer whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed candy cane or peppermint syrup.
  • Scent: Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to enhance the sense of scent without overpowering. Pro Tip: Try an essential oil diffuser in small suite spaces.
  • Sound: This sense is all about the music. Remember: You don’t have to play only classic tunes! Try a jazz, coffeehouse cover or lo-fi holiday playlist to switch up the vibe.
  • These creative customizations are a HUGE benefit to suite renters: Sometimes, your station is all you can style in a salon! That’s why Jocelyn loves renting with My SALON Suite® as she can create the festive ambiance she desires, suited for each client’s needs.


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4. Customizing The Client Experience

When you send your appointment reminder email, include a Google Form for clients to check off what amenities they would prefer to customize their experience. They can mark if they would like tea or alcohol, if they have food allergies, their favorite genre of holiday music or if they would like a silent appointment to take away from the stress of the holidays.


Pro Tip: There is a place for photos to be uploaded in a Google Form, so encourage your clients to add their inspo pics here!


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @hair_vigilante


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