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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Get Clients “In and Out” Faster with These Time Savers!

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It’s the home stretch of the holiday season, and we KNOW you are busy! Here’s a fast roundup of some tips to make your holiday season a little less hectic—and increase your salon’s profits! ‘Tis the season, right?


We’re grabbing these tips from Leah Freeman, owner of Fuse Salon and Spa in Frankfort, Ill. Leah also happens to be the Global Healing Color Director of L’ANZA Healing Haircare, and she is fantastic at time-saving, business-boosting tips.



1. In-And-Out Balayage
Let’s start with a great how-to for the most-requested service—balayage! It looks beautiful, but takes a lot of time. Check out how Leah gets her clients in and out quickly—and with beautiful balayage—with a couple of secret weapons.



2. Rapid Waves
She wants long-lasting waves for her party tonight AND her party tomorrow. Here’s an idea using one of Leah’s favorite tools—sponge perm rods!




3. Boosted Retail
Check out this great idea that can help your retail sell itself!



4. Transform With Treatments
There’s no time better than the holiday season to sell your clients on treatment services. They deliver instant results that will give her the confidence she needs to enter any room! Check out Leah’s tips.



5. Upgraded Blowouts
Bump up her blowout with this money-making idea that gives her a pop of color during her holiday vacation, but disappears by the time she gets back to work.