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Last updated: December 08, 2017

5 Holiday Retail Ideas To Think About Right Now

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It’s official: we are now in the busiest time of year! Here are five retail strategies to maximize holiday profits.


1. Start Early

  • For many, the holidays are not a time to splurge on last-minute gifts. In fact, a lot of people start shopping as early as October to reduce stress and cost.
  • If your clients are thinking ahead, you should be too!
  • Start promoting your holiday retail products and packages as early as possible—and reward those early-bird buyers!



2. Sell “Luxury”

  • Know that salon products are considered luxurious.
  • If a client says something like, “Ugh, my mother-in-law is so hard to shop for!” respond with, “What kind of hair does she have? I have shampoos, conditioners and styling products that can help her hair behave! They’re luxurious and she’ll find them much for useful than a lot of gifts.”


3. Do The Math

  • Don’t assume your clients are calculating the deal.
  • If you have signage that says, “$16/$29 Value!” post another sign that says, “You save $13!”
  • Be loud about your client’s savings.



4. Decorate With Product

  • Don’t spend money on decorations that don’t sell.
  • Instead, adorn the salon with simple, bold holiday gift bags that the customer can take home.
  • Stuff the bags with brightly colored tissue paper and place them at every work station next to products and a sign that says:
    • “Let us help you with your holiday gift list! Give a gift they really need (everyone has to wash their hair)!”
    • “Let us help you with your holiday stress—we have the perfect gift!”


5. Create Product Policies

  • Remember that gift givers are not mind readers—so give clients a gift receipt option for something of equal or lesser value.