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Last updated: February 26, 2024

Building The Perfect “Summer Blonde”

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3 Different Ways To Build Your Client’s Blonde The Healthy Way

No blonding tip is one-size-fits all, so account for a range of your clientele we pulled three quick tips with formulas to keep on-hand when inspiration runs dry. From fine tuning bright toners to pin-pointing the right areas to brighten on each client, scroll through this efficient list of ways to elevate your next client’s appointment. 


1. On-Scalp Platinum Lightening & Toning Process

If you shy away from all-over platinum requests, take this as a sign that platinum does not need to be synonymous with damage. Products have come a long way to fulfill everyday client requests—take a look at the formula from Vancouver-based blonde specialist Teresa Bator (@teresabatorhair) to achieve the clean, healthy lift shown below. 


“I used a powerhouse formula with Tamanu and Monoi oils that lifted over nine Levels while leaving the hair visibly healthy,” explains Teresa. 


close formula


Try Teresa’s step-by-step formula:

  • On-Scalp: Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder + Blonde Life 10-volume Developer + Blonde Life 20-volume Coconut Oil Developer (1:2)
    • Process up to 60 minutes or until a very pale yellow shade is achieved, then shampoo. 
  • Toner: Blonde Life Quick Tone Liquid Creme Toner Violet (15g) + Clear (15g) + 5-Volume Blonde Life Coconut Oil Developer 
    • “You can artistically fine-tune every possible shade with Quick Tones. It’s best applied with an applicator bottle, pouring the developer in first,” explains Teresa. Allow to process for five minutes or until desired blonde is achieved. 
  • Shampoo: Use Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo followed Blonde Life Brightening Mask, letting sit for five minutes before rinsing. 


Tap below to watch the entire process in Teresa’s reel:


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2. Achieve The Quintessential “Summer Golden Blonde”

“Every season can be blonde season,” says Edmonton, Canada-based blonding specialist Jasdeep Kaur (@hairbyjazzk). If you’re looking to advance your blonding techniques without the need for add-ons or extra treatments, this developer swap may be for you. 


Jasdeep uses Coconut Oil Developer, here’s why:

  • Blonde Life Coconut Oil Developer is like hair health insurance while lifting
  • The developer formulated with coconut oil helps to rehydrate hair
  • Helps to smooth hair for a soft look and feel
  • Consistency creates an easy-to-mix and spreadable lightener


Screenshot this summer blonde formula:

  • Front foils: Joico Blonde Life 9+ Lightening Powder + 20 and 40-volume Blonde Life Coconut Oil Developer (1:1)
  • Back foils: Blonde Life 9+ Lightening Powder + 20-volume Coconut Oil Developer
  • Roots: Blonde Life Demi-Gloss Liquid 8N + Clear + 5-volume Coconut Oil Developer
  • Toner: Blonde Life Demi-Gloss Liquid 10V + 5-volume Coconut Oil Developer


Check out the full tutorial here:


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3. Intentional Dimension On Natural-Looking Blondes

Dimension does not go hand-in-hand with ribboned looks. A lot of times, when clients request dimension they’re referring to a lived-in blend that plays up their natural hair color or tone. Color correction specialist Anne Tran (@annetran) says it’s important to create transformative looks that embrace “blonde in the right places.” 


Creating these looks rely heavily on technique WITH product selection. Natural-looking and blended end results require precision lighteners that do not expand or bleed to pair with toners that are color sensitive to eliminate any guess-and-checking. 


Here are a few of Anne’s go-to products that create her natural-looking transformations:

  • Blonde Life Quick Tone in Sand and Clear “For 5-minute toning,” Anne says. 
  • “For soft, cool tones on my lived-in clients (that only come in twice a year) I use Demi-Gloss Liquid 9V, 10N and a splash of 9SB with 5-volume.”
  • After prelightening with Blonde Life Powder Lightener, Anne’s go-to “summer blonde” toner is 09V + 10N + Clear.


A look into Anne’s twice-a-year balayage client final look:


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