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Last updated: March 19, 2021

Color Fading: 3 Tips To Make Haircolor Last Longer

how to make color last longer purple lilac toner mask moroccanoil color depositing mask
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Instagram via @manely.summer

Color Fading? How To Extend Tones + Create A Blonde Maintenance Schedule

Cool blondes, coppers and pastels are at the top of your client’s list of color requests—but we know that toners only last so long, so what’s the best way to deal with color fading? We’re sharing smart strategies to extend hair color, pro tips to embrace the fade and a full maintenance schedule for every type of blonding service below.


1. Add-On Pastel Service For Platinum Clients

Your platinum client wants to play with pastels, but are worried that their color will fade basically overnight. Summer Labayen (@manely.summer) offers a fast add-on service with the Moroccanoil® Lilac Color Depositing Mask for a purple hue that looks just as good new as it does every step of the fading process.


Here Are A Few Pro Tips

  • After shampooing, apply the mask to towel-dried hair and allow it process for 5 to 7 minutes. Skip the conditioner!
  • Mix the Color Depositing Mask with a regular mask to dilute the intensity of the color.
  • For a shadow root effect, apply the mask directly to the base, and mix a diluted mask for the mids to ends.


Color Formulas

Summer applied the Color Depositing Lilac Mask to the base. For the mids to ends, she mixed the Lilac Mask + Moroccanoil® Weightless Hydrating Mask (1:1).


how to make color last longer purple lilac toner mask moroccanoil color depositing mask
Instagram via @manely.summer


Fade Breakdown

Each photo is right after the client shampoos her hair, fading perfectly from electric pastel purple to lilac blonde.


how to make color last longer purple lilac toner mask moroccanoil color depositing mask
Instagram via @manely.summer


2. How To Make Reds, Pinks + Coppers Last Longer

Just like the blondes in our chair, our warmer-toned red and copper clients don’t want to see their color fade into dullness. Try offering a fast refresh service with the Copper Color Depositing Mask.  


Check out the before and after! Summer applied the mask all over, color melting the mids to ends for a glossy rich copper. 


how to refresh red hair color and coppers with moroccanoil color depositing mask
Instagram via @manely.summer


Watch how Kara Williams (@haircolorkilla) adds an extra pop of vibrancy to her red hot pink formulas with the Hibiscus Color Depositing Mask in the quickie tutorial below.


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3. Blondes: Create A Color Maintenance Schedule

There’s a blonde for every client, which means that every blonde will also fade differently and require custom color maintenance schedules. We love this genius breakdown from Chrissy Danielle (@hairbychrissydanielle), including tips for when to schedule their next appointment and how clients can make those bright tones last.


blonde color maintenance platinum highlights balayage tips to make tones last longer
Instagram via @hairbychrissydanielle


Lightened Hair? These Are Chrissy’s Go-To Rules

For any lightened color—from platinum to brunette—Chrissy always recommends Moroccanoil® Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo to maintain tone and depth between salon visits. Clients should also add a heat protectant to their at-home regimen. Think about toast in a toaster! Heat from irons will dull out and tint lightened hair.


When to schedule their next appointment:


4 to 6 Weeks

  • Platinum blondes and heavy highlight clients
  • Requires more frequent visits to maintain consistency, tone and avoid unwanted banding
  • Cool tones fade the fastest, so at-home toning shampoo is a must


6 to 8 Weeks

  • Dimensional blondes, brondes, teasylights, color melts and rooted looks
  • The grow-out is less severe and can last up to two months


10 to 12 Weeks

  • Most balayage looks and some dimensional colors
  • These looks offer the softest grow-outs and are typically warmer in tones, so fading and outgrowth are less noticeable for longer periods of time


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