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Last updated: January 25, 2024

5 Tips For A Soft, “Expensive” Face-Frame

How-To: Glazed Brunette With Hand Painting

The star of the “expensive brunette” show is definitely the face frame: The luxurious money piece is key to creating the elevated look your clients want. Press play above to watch balayage expert Mario Moura (@mm.hairlondon) create a low-maintenance face frame for his client—plus, scroll down to save his five tips for increased blend, softness and control.


Soft and subtle: Check out Mario’s “expensive” brunette below! 

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Click here to watch Mario’s FULL face-frame painting technique!


5 Face-Frame Tips For Softness From Mario:

1. Understand client goals: Know your client’s preferences—do they want a bold or soft face frame? Do they wear a middle or side part? These are key details for deciding how to paint the money piece. Mario’s client wanted something softer, so he used a smaller section.


2. For increased control: Paint the face-frame standing in front of your client and have them tilt their head slightly down.


3. To create blend: Start application in the middle of the section; then, paint the lightener close to the roots, using the corner of your brush to feather it upward.


4. Leave out baby hairs: Holding the face-frame section with tension, Mario uses his comb to lightly tap the section which will release baby hairs from it. You want to avoid painting fine hairs that are susceptible to damage in the hairline.


5. Be sure to use gentle formulas: This is especially important around the hairline, which is why Mario loves using Moroccanoil® Blonde Voyage Lightener. “I love that Moroccanoil® has ProArginine because it protects the strength of the hair, allowing consistent color.”


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @mm.hairlondon


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