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Last updated: October 03, 2023

Brunette Face Frame: Fast, Zero-Foil Technique

How To Brighten Brunettes Without Foils

A lightening technique that’s quick, easy and requires no foils? Say less. Learn Schwarzkopf Professional® Lead Ask Expert Becca Ortiz’s (@balaybecca) quick method below for brightening a brunette face frame without foils—plus, the perfect post-color care.


1. Create an Impactful Transformation Without a Full Color Appointment 

Instead of rebooking your brunette client for a full balayage refresh, try this quick maintenance technique to create a naturally bright, lived-in look. Becca’s face-frame balayage technique is perfect for brunette clients who visited the salon two to three months ago for a balayage appointment. See the results below and keep reading for her placement technique:


close formula


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2. Use Smaller Sections Toward The Partline 

To create contrast and make the face frame pop, start with a wide section above the ear and as you move toward the top of the head near the partline, take smaller sections to create a diffused, tapered effect. By doing this, you’re leaving more of the base color out to maintain internal depth and break up the lighter pieces underneath.


Remember This: Your brush size should match your section size. “Switching to a smaller brush gives me more control of my application,” Becca explains, and a precise application is a must (especially around the hairline!).


close formula


Pro Tip: “Anywhere you [apply] the clay lightener with the most saturation is where you’re going to get your highest lift. Wherever you diffuse it the most is where you’re going to get that slightly warmer tone,” Becca explains. Creating diffusion will allow for a natural grow-out.


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3. Post-Color Care: Try Becca’s Regimen

After lightening, it’s important to not only restore moisture to the hair, but to preserve the beautiful color you created. Be sure to save Becca’s must-have post-color products for later:


  • Schwarzkopf Professional® FIBRE CLINIX® Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner: “This is one of my favorites because it allows you to maintain color retention… and gives you up to 10 times stronger hair,” Becca says. Preserve color, strengthen hair and cleanse all in one step.
  • FIBRE CLINIX® HYDRATE Tribond Treatment: This is the perfect way to add hydration to the hair after lightening. “The moisture mask is going to replenish everything I just took out and restore moisture,” Becca explains.
  • FIBRE CLINIX® Purple Vibrancy Booster: Combine this with the Tribond Treatment—here’s why: “It has a purple tint to neutralize everything post-toner which is amazing,” Becca says.


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