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Last updated: February 19, 2024

8 Brunette Formulas To Screenshot Now

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Photo credit: Instagram via @hairbycayer_

Versatile Brunette Color Formulas To Save For Later Or Use Tomorrow

At a standstill with your brunette creativity? Whether you’re tired of reaching for 5N or just want fresh luxury brunette inspo, this list of formulas range from luminous Level 4s and rich chocolates all the way to low-lighted hues. 


We’ve made it easy for you, each look is created with Moroccanoil® Color Rhapsody Permanent Color and Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream and Gloss hair color so you can screenshot and shop the exact shades you’re eyeing


#1. Tone-on-tone Luxury Chocolate 

We could pretty much name this, “The brunette every client asks for” but, luxury chocolate will look better on your feed. 


Grab Moroccanoil® educator Marissa Mae Neal’s (@maeipaint) formula here:

  • Base: Moroccanoil® Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream Color 5Ch + Oxidative Cream Developer
  • All-over Gloss: Color Calypso 6Ch + 6.3


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Notice some NEW shade names? Check out Moroccanoil’s Chocolate Collection shade chart here!


#2. Natural Brunette Maintenance & Gloss

Since it is common to have natural brunettes just looking for gray coverage or a healthy refresh, you need to have a go-to formula to rely on to turn these appointments into quick money-makers. 


“Color requires maintenance, here’s how we keep up with this natural brown,” says Houston-based colorist Kierra Taylor (@kierrastaylor)

  • Root retouch: Equal parts Color Rhapsody Permanent Cream Color 6N + 6Ch + 20-volume Oxidative Cream Developer
  • Gloss: Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss 6Ch + Color Calypso Gloss Activator, process for 20 minutes 
  • Maintenance: “My client comes back every eight weeks to maintain this color,” says Kierra.


Click below for Kierra’s full process and finished transformation:


Brunette color processing
Photo credit: Instagram via @kierrastaylor


#3. Reverse Caramel Balayage

For all those blonde clients who are ready to take a break from the bleach, this is the PERFECT transition color. It’s super important to keep our client’s preferences and longtime style choices close to heart—so, if lifelong blondie is looking for a brunette shift, try this formula to keep the brightness with natural-looking depth. 


Screenshot Boston-based stylist Alexandra’s (@hairbycayer_) viral reverse balayage formula:

  • Root melt: Color Calypso 5N + 4Ch
  • Midlength and ends: Color Calypso 7N + 8VB + 8Ch


Swipe for the transformation:


close formula


#4. Rich Brunette With Depth With 2 Shades

Dimensionless color is the No.1 reason clients avoid going “too dark”.  Although this can be a real concern when color is done poorly, Florida-based stylist Gabby Monfils (@urbanhairartistry) shares her formula for creating deep hues with glowing depth. 


“For my chocolate color clients, I feel like we sometimes get the short end of the stick as far as deep, rich colors go,” Gabby explains. “We have to mix three to four tones to create the one color we’re going for, but these Moroccanoil® Color Calypso Glosses are already formulated to add richness and depth!”


Here’s Gabby’s formula to try:

  • Root: Color Calypso Gloss 4Ch + Gloss Activator
  • Midlength and ends: Color Calypso Gloss 6Ch + Gloss Activator


Tap the photo below to see Gabby’s formula and transformation in natural lighting: 


Photo credit: Instagram via @urbanhairartistry


#5. Base Shift For Soft Brunette Highlights

“How to create softness like this after photo? That’s toning with permanent color and base shifting,” says color expert Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic)


Cassie’s formula to try out:

  • Highlights: Moroccanoil® Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener + 20-volume Oxidative Cream Developer (1:1.5)
    • Lift hair to a Level 8
  • Base Shift: Color Rhapsody 6B + 25-volume Oxidative Cream Developer
    • Apply on damp hair, starting at the midlengths and ends and shatter up to the base for a soft transition


“The tonal composition of Color Rhapsody Permanent Color is SO not scary to do on clients with really dark starting levels. No brass, just soft finesse,” says Cassie. 


Photo credit: Instagram via @cassiskovic


#6. Brunette Shades That Shine Underneath Highlights

If you really want your client’s highlights or balayage to pop, creating a rich base (not just a deep base) will have them rebooking for life. 


Screenshot @kierrastaylor formula:

  • Balayage: Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener +
    • 15-volume Oxidative Developer (back of head)
    • 20-volume Oxidative Developer (front of head)
  • Gloss: Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream 9.91 + splash of 6.9


“I encourage my client to book a protein treatment every four weeks and a re-gloss to balance tones every eight to ten weeks,” Kierra advises. 


Click the photo below to watch Kierra’s full process:


Balayage transformation with Moroccanoil Color
Photo credit: Instagram via @kierrastaylor


Browse the entire Chocolate Collection including demo tutorials and swatches, click here.


#7. Balanced Brunette With Bright Money Piece

We’ll always have bold face-frame clients that crave that bright blonde pop. When these clients want to deepen things up, be sure to complement the brunette tones with their existing blonde to avoid harsh, two-toned stripes. 


Try @maeipaint blended formula:

  • “To refresh the canvas, I put a few foils throughout the mids, ends and face frame to utilize her old highlights for extra dimension.” Marissa explains.
  • Mid-tone: Color Calypso Gloss 8Ch + 8n + 6.3 + Gloss Activator 
  • All-over gloss: Color Calypso Gloss 9Ch + 8.3 + Clear + Gloss Activator


Photo credit: Instagram via @maeipaint


#8. Classic Vintage Brunette Inspo

When you think vintage, you’re likely thinking classy, chic and timeless. This warm-toned brunette highlights stunning antique tones that were created with just three shades. 


Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador Mags Rosen (@themaneartistry) shares her color blueprint below:


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