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Last updated: April 19, 2024

Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss


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Moroccanoil® Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss is an easy-to-use, low-commitment liquid formula that delivers shine and vibrancy. Available in 44 shades, the gloss covers 60 percent of gray and white hair while conditioning and improving manageability. Pair with the Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss Activator, formulated with argan oil, for optimal color results. 


Click here to get Suzi Angelina’s ( “Old Money” Blonde formula with Color Calypso!

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  • Formula A (lightener):

    Moroccanoil® Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener + 20-volume Moroccanoil® developer

  • Formula B (root melt):

    Moroccanoil® Color Rhapsody Permanent Color 5N + 5-volume Moroccanoil® developer

  • Formula C (mids and ends toner):

    Moroccanoil® Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Color 10.12 + 9.13 + 5-volume Moroccanoil® developer

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Outside of North America, Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss and Gloss Activator are known as Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream and Oxidative Cream Developer. The two products will feature different consistencies.


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Manufacturer: Moroccanoil, @moroccanoilpro

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Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss

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