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Last updated: September 16, 2022

TIMESAVING TIPS: Try This Custom Foil Application

Save time behind the chair with this custom foiling technique

Ready to try purposeful foil placements? Save HUGE time on your appointments with Moroccanoil® Elite Color Pro Rochelle Maribojoc (@locksbyrochelle)‘s customizable sectioning secrets for bright, modern blondes.



The result: soft, lived-in dimension without harsh lines. (Did we mention we’re not using the ole Mohawk sectioning technique?)



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The most important part of Rochelle’s method is sectioning

Rochelle sees her sectioning method as a map, keeping the hair organized when she’s applying foils for the best possible result. Here’s how it’s done:



Pro tip: Solid sectioning can prevent over-foiling! We’ve all been there—keep these tips in mind next time you’re setting up for a partial client. 



1. Part down the middle, all the way to the nape

This effectively sections off the left and right sides of the head for ample work space. We’re already pushing away from the traditional Mohawk technique we learned in cosmo school!





2. Section at a diagonal forward, starting at the lower crown

Separate the sides of the hair from the back and front sections, angling from the lower crown to the top of the ear. The resulting triangle sections will add natural depth while leaving room for super bright foils at the hairline.





3. When sectioning the back and sides, leave enough room to place foils along the hairline

Rochelle applied three foils at a diagonal back along the nape to maintain brightness through the entire head. This also allows all of her clients to wear their hair up without huge contrast!





Want to watch Rochelle’s entire custom foiling technique in action? Here’s what you’ll learn about this modernized service:


  • Formulating
  • Foil placement
  • Styling


4. Create a triangle of depth while clipping back sections

A pocket of depth is necessary to ensuring you don’t over-foil your client accidentally. It also adds greater contrast, making the strands in the front and on top really stand out. This will pack a punch of face-framing brightness and leave natural depth for the blonde to pop against.





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5. Customize the front section for the client’s hairline and head shape

To really enhance the money piece, foil placement needs to be tailored to the client. For example: To separate the top and side sections, follow the client’s line of recession or the parietal ridge to create an organic guide for foiling.





The result: a simple roadmap to easier foil application. Click here to see how it’s done!


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