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Last updated: April 16, 2019

Here’s How Kim Kardashian’s Colorist Transformed Her From Pastel Pink To Brunette

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From dark brunette to bleached-out platinum, then pastel pink and back to brown—Kim Kardashian West tried literally every haircolor trend this year. That’s why we talked with her colorist to snag (and share!) the formulas and techniques used to restore her color-treated hair back to a healthy, natural-looking brunette.


Redken artist Cassondra Kaeding (@ckaedingcolor) worked alongside Kim’s go-to colorist and hair guru Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1), and she’s dishing out everything about the newsworthy color process—check it all out below!



1. Let It Fade Out
Direct dyes like Kim’s pastel pink aren’t permanent, so the key is to let the color fade out on its own as much as possible. This will help to avoid having to strip any color out of the already-bleached hair to prevent additional damage—when Cassondra started Kim’s color process, she was able to fill in directly over the residual pink.


What’s Kim’s hair cheat for fading out pastels? She posted this pic on Insta & revealed that she added Vitamin C to her shampoo to speed up the fading process!

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2. Analyze & Set A Goal
When taking a client from light to dark, start by determining the desired end level. Then, look at the underlying pigment of that level. From there, begin filling in the missing pigments to reach that end goal.


Click the beaker to snag the color formulas, then get the steps below! 

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  • Formula A (filler)

    1/2 oz. Redken Shades EQ 07CC + 1/2 oz. 08GG + 1/4 oz. 06NB + Shades EQ Processing Solution

  • Formula B (target areas)

    3/4 oz. Shades EQ 05N + 1/4 oz. 04N + 1/8 04NB + Shades EQ Processing Solution

  • Formula C (glaze)

    3/4 oz. Shades EQ Crystal Clear + 1/4 oz. 04N + Shades EQ Processing Solution

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3. The Transformation: Follow These Steps
Cassondra and Chris used the following steps to achieve Kim’s dramatic makeover:

  1. Start by applying the filler formula (Formula A) from roots to ends.
  2. Then, apply the target formula (Formula B) from roots to mids. Process for 20 minutes, then apply color one level lighter to the ends. Watch the color deposit and once you’ve reached the desired end result, rinse.
  3. Then apply the gloss (Formula C) all over to tone. Process, then rinse.


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4. Pay Attention To Porosity
After applying the filler and target formulas, it’s essential to watch the color deposit. The ends are more porous and will grab color faster than from the roots to mids, and leaving the color on too long will result in ends that are too dark or muddy. Cassondra recommends applying color to the ends at the shampoo bowl to rinse off as needed.


5. Strategize A Post-Color Care Plan
The first two weeks post-color service are essential to the ensuring the color’s longevity and maintaining the hair’s integrity. So, don’t let clients leave without products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Cassondra recommends Redken Color Extend Bonder Kit to protect and strengthen hair. If the client is experiencing excessive dryness, send them home with Redken All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap—an at-home treatment that smooths the hair cuticle and improves both moisture and manageability.


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Instagram via @chrisappleton1


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